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For Naught

New Year, New Me | Ses Rêveries
It's safe to say that at least as many shoots that I actually worked on this year were cancelled if not more, some with less than three hours to call time.

I still got to work on hella shoots in the end, many of them with full creative control which I quickly learned I did not fully know how to utilise as I am, by nature, more reflective than proactive but I'm working on being quicker on my feet and speaking
tf up when something isn't working. But these successful shoots scarcely made up for the lost ones because I gave each and every shoot I directed a purpose to serve the greater good of my personal development and growth.


A Most Bittersweet Year

Sending off a shitty year with positive energy...



Holly Loves the Simple Things

Blackburn // 11.11.17

Holly Rebecca White by Rachel Cottam & Karina So. | Ses Rêveries by Karina So.

What's in a teaser?

A post by any other name would still be incredibly
overdue but patience is a virtue, apparently.


Model, make-up artist, hair stylist - Holly Rebecca White (IMM)
Photographer - Rachel Cottam
Producer, stylist - Sum Yung Ho


I Am Number Four

Foraging into the world of commercial photography with my first digitals commission for new Manchester-based modelling agency, Four Models (brap-brap).


Models - Chloe Borton (Four), Seun Oboite (Four)
Art direction, photography - Sum Yung Ho





This post looks terrible on pretty much all phone screens.

I really can't be arsed filtering through dozens of stack overflow
threads in hopes that I maybe figure out how to fix it.

You've been warned. Soz.
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