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NEW MUSIC: Fresh L X BOJ X Dr SID - Mind Yourself

[L-R] Fresh L, BOJ and Teezee of DRB Las Gidi

I won't lie and pretend to be some die-hard DRB Las Gidi fan who's been rolling with them from Day 1 and tweets them on a regular basis. Up until earlier this year, I had no clue who they were. But they've definitely worked on their publicity (props to the PR team) and from what I've heard so far, I am officially hooked.

The London-based rap group consists of rappers, Teezee (Teniola Zaccheus) and Fresh L (Ladi Lanre), and husky-voiced crooner, BOJ (Bolaji Odojukan). I absolutely love their New School sound and their "African grunge" look (I am now desperately in need of a dashiki), but am I the only who thinks they could do without the facial hair? Or at the very least, BOJ's sideburns? I get the idea, I do... but still.

Anyway, the group have received a lot of shade over the course of its fledgling career, what with the little Twitter spat with Wizkid, and a few bloggers even referring to them as BOJ & Friends at one point, which is just plain harsh. Yes, BOJ's voice is different which is good because it separates them from every other "rap group" in Nigeria (literally impossible to count them all, seems everybody is "in the business"; skill or no skill smh), but Fresh L and Teezee have some serious potential with quick quips and zingers that mildly remind me of Boogey... if Boogey was yet another mainstream rapper who rapped about "money and honeys," that is. But I'd say we're all pretty used to that part of Hip Hop so no harm, no foul.

The only real problem I have with them though, is the fact that they deem it necessary to tell us repetitively that they're "London boys" and "all the girls chase [them]" because of it. Personally, that sounds like something a freshie would say on one of his trips back to the Motherland or something. I'm not hating; I am as much of a fan of their music as I can be. I just don't get why that's such a big deal. In their defence, I don't get why some rappers brag about their gold/platinum chains and grills and what-not either. Like... you're not changing the world, babe, it's just jewellery; chill.

Anyway, according to their GB-produced track 3 Kings released late last year, 2013 is their year and I have to say I agree. They've been consistently delivering hits like 3 Kings and Mrs Officer, whilst working on their independent mixtapes. In April, BOJ released his mixtape BOJ on the Microphone and soon after, Teezee came out with his Fresh Prince of Lasgidi mixtape. Now third member, Fresh L is here with a single from his mixtape, 93's Best, which I hear is due to drop officially on the sixth of July...Am I the only person who thinks his should've been called 'Fresh Prince of Lasgidi,' not Teezee's? Would have made more sense, non?

But whatever. I like what I'm hearing from all three of them, regardless.

Back to Mind Yourself. Ace producer, GB hit all the right notes with this one and I was really feeling the Lagbaja hook, but they could've done without the auto-tune. Gra Gra is an amazing song; it did not need any tweaking. Fresh L's lines were as expected: another rapper trying to talk some good game, which I will forgive him for because they still sounded pretty good and lacked references to London Town, which I think shows growth. The song also featured Mavin All Star, Dr SID who was his usual funny, energetic and upbeat self, and BOJ, who was completely "on point." He left me wanting more which is always nice as it puts the 'repeat' button to good use.

The song was catchy, the rhythm was perfect; exactly what I'd expect - and will continue to expect as they continually raise the bar for themselves with each release. I'm just loving the direction they're headed in!

Check out the song below via YouTube (or click here if the embedded version doesn't work). And click here to download it via NJO.

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