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"Who is this Person?"

That's a really good question. As I'm still trying to figure that out, I decide to give you twenty random facts instead. This is what I came up with at two/three o'clock in the morning.

1. I'm an unnecessarily sarcastic, socially awkward, slightly unhinged eighteen-year-old (atm) couch-potato studying Mechatronics in Northern England.

2. I'm Glaswegian, Yoruba and Ijaw. Feel free to do some Googling, improve your cultural awareness (*in my Sadie Saxton voice* you're welcome). I've never been to the Big Apple but I definitely feel like I should be a jaded New Yorker as well for some reason.

3. My surname on all my social media accounts is 'So.', purely because I used to love J.Lo like crazy and thought it would be awesome if people shortened my name to 'K.So'. I've somehow graduated to K-Dot nickname-wise (funnily enough, they're both rappers' names and I can't rhyme to save my life) however I've stuck with 'Karina So.' since, chances are, the majority of you won't be able to pronounce my last name anyway.
How do I know this? Because my 'Karina' isn't really pronounced the way you think it is either #AfricanKidProblems. But in all honesty, I've completely anglicized my name myself as that's how I was taught to say it, so don't feel bad or anything.

4. I tend to ramble (you'll see).

5. I use "smh" a lot. I do it a lot too, to be fair.

6. I apparently have a shopping problem and a slightly more serious one with Candy Crush. I'm also terribly competitive as well; hence why having the leader board thing on Facebook's Candy Crush Saga is the WORST thing to ever happen to me.

7. I spend more time than I should watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, watching YouTube videos, and generally being a spastic drama queen.

8. Somehow, in between all those laziness-inducing activities, I manage to do athletics. I run track, but not long distance; I'm not about that life. I want to minimize the amount of time I spend doing physical activities not drag it on for miles.

9. For an introvert (hermit, according to my dad), I talk a lot. And fairly quickly. And woe be unto you if I ever have to write to you; I write essays, people. Essays. Even on WhatsApp. I'm not quite as liberal when it comes to public-speaking though, or talking to people I don't know because I both despise and suck at small talk. I don't think anyone particularly cares if you like the food or if you've been here before on a separate occasion, so is it any wonder my replies are monosyllabic? Intrigue me, then we can chit-chat.

10. I reeaally like hashtags.

11. I like hoodies even more. They're like a snug invisibility cloak even though they probably do the exact opposite in public spaces (hey there, Security Guard, let's play a game where you follow me with your eyes until I leave #ISeeYouBoo) - or worse, when you're headed in the same direction as the person in front of you, walking down the same streets and taking the same turns for quite a while. You end up feeling like a creepy stalker so you walk a little quicker to try and overtake them and show them you're not following them. They then think you're a violent murderer so they start walking faster too. It's usually a toss-up between them clutching their purses for dear life, whipping out their phones and calling someone "just to chat" or clenching their fists. And you're just there, either feeling mega awkward or pissed/scared because you are this close to getting pummeled just for wearing a hoodie or worse, for being BWWH (Black While Wearing a Hoodie), so you stop to tie your shoe or something and let them go on ahead. I am freaking magnet for these situations smh.

12. I am a fairly private person which does beg the question "why blog?" to which I simply shrug and reply with the intelligent retort, "Because."

13. I tend to speak in acronyms and abbreviations. For example, I might actually 'laugh' out the word "lol" instead of just laugh out loud. Or end my sentences with "btw" or worse, "bt-dubs". It's ratchet behaviour but I don't care.

14. I apparently have an American accent...most of the time. Other times it's fairly English; Nigerian, if need be; and Scottish when I'm back up north. It does confuse people sometimes though because I pronounce and spell certain words differently. Some of you have probably noticed my spelling already.

15. I can be pretty random.

16. I'm obsessed with Iron Man. He is the main reason I wanted to study engineering; the others being my love for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. But mainly Tony. And let's not forget JARVIS.

17. I am an IB survivor. Best (and worst) two years of my life - so far (God, please, tell me it only gets better).

18. I am awesome. Like, super-duper awesome.

19. Modesty is my number-one policy...obviously.

20. I am proudly pro-gender/racial/LGBT equality ("and above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony" - Colossians 3:14).

Anyway, that's me for now, folks. The rest, you will just have to discover with me on my journey to...what, adulthood?  I don't know, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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