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A Nigerian Summer: Summer Essentials

A Nigerian Summer on Ses Rêveries

After two weeks of relaxation in Scotland's intermittent sunshine, I am now on the verge of spending the rest of my summer in southern Nigeria. I wish I was going to Lagos but hey, we can't have everything.

It's not set in stone and knowing the parentals, it will undoubtedly fall through but I'm still excited though, as I finally get to see my devious-but-dearly-missed little brother and some of my old friends after an entire year #GoodTimes.

Although I did not inherit my mother's uncanny ability to pack everything and still be under the airline limit, I am determined to do my best to fit all my stuff into one suitcase and my little rucksack with no qualms.

I can hear my sister's "Epic fail!" already.

But to help me keep track, I've decided to do a brief, sort-of "what's in my bag" series where I post the essential items I'll be taking with me, so I don't go too crazy and decide to take everything (again) because I "just couldn't bear to leave them behind."

Just to let you know, I will deliberately exclude what is probably the most important summer essential: the swimsuits. I neither have need for nor own one. I live for the autumn/winter season: layers, layers and more layers, please!

Hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I'll have, posting them over the next few days.

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