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Baby's First Haul Post: Mini ZARA Haul

Hey, guys!

So I mentioned my relapse during my three-month Shopaholics Anon stint thanks to Mama Chaos and I did say I would do a haul post, so here goes...

Since I'm absolutely in love with Zara's Trafaluc A/W'13 collection, I thought I'd leave an audio clip of the hypnotizing song, Hands Around My Throat from their ad campaign for you guys to listen to while you read through to get in the Zara mood of things. I hope the audio player works but if it doesn't, you can watch Death in Vegas' official music video for the song here and the TRF ad campaign here.

The Haul

I think nearly every fashion blogger (at least from the ones I follow) has at least one pair of these ankle strap heels from Zara. They're just so sexy. There's no other word to describe them, really. I'm not usually a joiner but I've wanted them for ages so I splurged on the black ones from this year's Fall collection. Then I saw the white from the Spring/Summer collection and I thought, "Alright, last one." But when I saw that the red ones had been slashed down to £20 a pop, I snatched them faster than you could say Rebecca Bloomwood!

The tops were purchased in preparation for university and the autumnal weather. The checked shirt was a "duh" moment for me. I just love the whole flannel/plaid/tartan thing for the fall so I had no qualms buying yet another shirt. The panelled top is definitely something I've never have tried before and I thought it was important to make sure there was at least one of those in the haul. The collar and the white panels are made from pleather...but it's not a jacket, which was usually the only clothing item I would normally allow in (p)leather. I'm kind of excited to try it out. The sweater feels quite Parisian to me. But then I always put on a French accent when I'm in stripes and prance around thinking I'm Coco Chanel when no one's looking.

The baggy fit jeans were the perfect colour for summer because most of my jeans are either navy or black as I love dark colours, but it is important to 'lighten up' once in a while. However, they seem to be a bit too baggy for a size 10 which makes me wonder if there's a bit of vanity sizing going on here. Anyway, now I call them my 'skank pants' because they feel like I literally borrowed my boyfriend's jeans after I stayed over but since I don't have one: skank pants...not that all people who sleep around are skanks or anything. There's no judgement here; I just really like the sound of "skank pants."

The bowling jacket is tdf and just what I needed. It's super comfortable and I just love the detailing on the back. It's quite oriental and if there is one thing you must know about me, it is that I love Asia, especially Hong Kong. If I could be Cantonese, it would be a dream come true! Anyway, when I bought the jacket, I didn't turn it over (I'm quite an impulsive shopper as I don't like hanging around a shop too long; the world of fashion is fast-paced ergo, I should be too, so I just browse at lightning speed, pick something out based on colour, pattern and/or texture, give it a quick once-over and then pay. But if I really can't decide whether I like something or not, I leave it and move on. If it's still bugging me at the end of the day, I go back and get it) so it was a very nice surprise when I discovered it at home.

The slippers are really comfortable, easy to put on and effortlessly gorgeous. It is simplicity at it's best. Am I afraid of running into someone wearing the exact same pair? Yes. Currently priced at £10, it is a deal if I ever saw one. Will I let that stop me from rocking it?


That's all folks!

My biggest regret from this shopping trip: not getting the holographic heels (similar here) I'd planned to. They were on sale for £10 as well so it wasn't going to hurt, but on the way back to the store, I reassessed and thought, "With me being me, where on earth would I wear them?" They're such party shoes and that's never been my scene, so I bid them adieu [sniff].

Anyway, we'll talk again soon! Thanks for reading though!

1. Basic Slippers with Metal Detail     2. Ankle Strap Sandals (black, here; red, similar here; and white, here and similar here)     3. Checked Shirt     4. Striped Cotton Sweater (similar here)     5. Panelled Knit Top (similar here)     6. Combined Leggings (similar here)     7. Baggy Fit Jeans (similar here)     8. Black Button-Up Dress (similar here)     9. Embroidered Bowling Jacket


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