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Launching... Dirty Laundry!


Soooo... another series. Bit obsessed but it makes sense to have them all in little groups. A little bit of order in all this chaos.This one will most likely last as long as this blog does though, and is a bit more daunting than the rest. Not to mention embarrassing.

For me, anyway.

The Dirty Laundry series will basically consist of my ranting or rambling, as one does, on the internet about the things that either amuse me or bug me, or whatever's in between. Like, for instance (**SPOILER ALERT**), how I feel about Sandra Oh leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Christina Yang is an iconic character and an absolute favourite (favorite?) of mine on the show so, of course, I am devastated by this! Some people may not understand the gravity of this situation but if you do start watching Grey's, you'll see why this is the worst thing to happen to that show. This is sort of like when (**SPOILER ALERT**) Keith Scott died in One Tree Hill. I just hate when any of the original cast members leave a show. Imagine Gibbs leaving NCIS? It is just not done.


As you can see, I lead a very boring life lol.

Anyway, this series will serve as your no-holds-barred window, should you wish to look through, into my incredibly sad life away from my laptop, ranging from the serious to the mundane. I'm usually a very private person (everyone says that, don't they? Yet here we are...on the internet...blogging) but I thought this would be an interesting way to air out my dirty laundry and publicize some of my non-categorical thoughts.

I hope you do get something from my rambling (and yes, smiles count) and if you do, feel free to hit me up in the comments section below to tell me your thoughts.

Once again, thanks for sitting through another post! :D


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