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My Summer Essential #9 - The Heels

Source: Ankle Strap Heels from Schuh; Leopard Print wedges from Schuh; Peep-Toe Pumps from ALDO; Holographic Heels from Schuh

So...I'm still a bit touchy about my height. Sue me. I used to be hella tiny; it was horrible. And even though I'm about the average height now (I stress that because most people I know are really tall so I end up looking short next to them but I'm really not...honest), things aren't much better now that my little brother's grown taller than me (not cool).

That's why I love heels. They make me feel even taller! Plus, they totally make your legs look super gorgeous. You put 'em on and BAM! All of a sudden, your calves are all toned and your legs look Tamsin Egerton-long. And when I wear them, I automatically walk like I think I'm at a Victoria's Secret show. Like, I'll be strutting my stuff, smeyesing and everything...

Don't get me wrong. Flats are nice too (Lord knows, I own my fair share) but heels are definitely my go-to ego boosters.


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