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New Music: Wizkid's 'Drop' Featuring Wale

Surprise, surprise: Nigerian music is still crossing borders. As Wale so eloquently put it, it's that "green and white flow."

The song has everything a Wizkid song should. A killer beat, a catchy chorus and a slightly disrespectful theme (one does not simply ask a girl to drop her knickers). At least we weren't referred to as bees with itches (i.e. b-----s) though. Small mercies.

Anyway, this song came with a few surprises...well, one: Wale speaking Yoruba with an adorable attempt at putting on the accent. Bless him. Sure, sure, his name is as Yoruba as it gets for an American, but has that language ever sounded sexier coming from anyone else? I don't think so. He killed it.

Once you get past what they're talking about, this song is a pretty good example of where Wizkid's career is going. Not down to the ground, like some things, but across borders like an airborne virus, spreading from playlist to playlist. And I am all stocked up on tissues because I caught that bug years ago and it's still going strong. Also Wale's Yoruba-English word play is pretty impressive! Honestly, he is pretty underrated. The Gifted and The Mixtape about Nothing are major testaments to his talent. I'd like to see him think outside the box a bit though on his more "soulful" songs, but when it comes to the ignorant, mainstream, think-with-prick songs (One-Eyed Kitten, anyone?), he's got that down pat, in my opinion. He just runs the risk of never being taken seriously. But y'know, whatever.

The production duo, Legendury Beatz did their thing on this track as usual. Even without Wizkid and Wale's lyrical madness, I'm pretty sure the instrumental would do just as well on its own on the club scene, much like their work on Juru. Although the 'u' in their name bugs me every time I see it, Mutay and Zei are quickly becoming some of my favourite African producers alongside Maleek, Sarz and, of course, Studio Magic.

Listen to the track below (click here if the embedded version doesn't work) and download it here.


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