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My Summer Essential #8 - "An Accessory to Murder"

Source: Structured Bag from H&M; Double Belt from Pieces at ASOS; Aztec Earrings from St8ment; Cord Necklace from St8ment; Socks from Lacoste Live at ASOS; Print Scarf from Zara

I really don't own a lot of accessories any more. Somewhere between moves, I misplaced more than half my collection, which is a bummer. I know they're in one of my many boxes now but I really can't be arsed searching for them now.

Probably should have done it while I was packing in the first place...that would've been smart smh.

Anyway, even though I don't wear jewellery that often (usually because I forget) I will still take a few pieces from my dwindling stash because they really do make an outfit, I'm learning. St8ment has such a good collection albeit they're a bit pricey.

All handbags and purses will be borrowed from Mama Chaos as there really is no room for any of the ones I own. I could take one as a carry-on but it won't hold nearly as much as the little wheelie bag I was planning to take and I still need all the space I can get.

I never really liked belts but with my broad shoulders, they really do help accentuate my feminine-esque silhouette in my otherwise-baggy shirts and dresses.

I own some of the randomest high-end accessories for a self-proclaimed thrift-and-high-street-only shopper: a French Connection snood, Hugo Boss socks, Calvin Klein leg warmers etc etc...who splashes on little things like that? Clearly I am quite concerned about the comfort of my neck and tootsies. Or just really bad with money.

Being the cold-blooded gal that I am, of course I have a pretty decent scarf collection to maximize warmth and minimize attacks from vampires (unless they just stepped out of the Vampire Diaries, of course). But in the summertime, they (the scarves not the vampires) make really cool headpieces for someone like me who never bothers with headbands or garlands. Solange always looks great with a scarf or turban on over her braids and since I plan on putting some new braids in this summer, it'll be nice to give that a go. I never used to style my braids other than pull them back into a ponytail but I've been watching lots of YouTube videos and I've gotten pretty inspired, so I'm really excited for this summer.


Shirley Eniang from Meek~n~Mild (love her) has an awesome tutorial on how to tie head-scarves, if you're interested.



  1. wow love those earrings, absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey, Visa! They are gorgeous, aren't they? I'm looking at your blog right now and I love your latest outfit post! Thanks for the comment!

      - K xx


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