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My Summer Essential #7 - "Suit Up!"

Source: Tailored Jumpsuit from Boohoo; Striped Playsuit by Adidas at ASOS

I am a major advocate for all things one-piece. There's just something about buttoning or zipping yourself into a bodysuit that just feels awesome; like you're suiting up for a voyage on the USS Enterprise. I also like to think it's my inner-child lashing out at society once again. Either way I need me some bodysuits on this trip!

My jumpsuit found its way onto my list of things to pack before it was even purchased. They're simple, they're classy and they can be dressed up or down. Versatility is key in this suitcase-packing business.

As most of my playsuits found themselves in Good Will after I packed up my room to move back home last month (I grew a bit taller and put on quite a lot of weight over the past two years--which isn't such a bad thing for me as I've been trying to put on weight for a while now--lots of people give me a "say what now" look when I say this, but I have my reasons), this means I need a new batch. I smell another shopping spree...


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