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My Summer Essential #2 - Nail Polish

I am loving the neon colours this season even though I'm usually the "Neutral Tones" kind of girl when it comes to nail polish... when my fingers aren't stripped of them completely as they are 90% of the time.

It was the Nailasaurus who inspired me to try a bit harder with the keratin on the ends of my fingers. Her work is flawless, bordering on unreal! Lacquered Liza is an old friend of mine who's gotten really into nail art as well so you guys should check her page out and tell her I sent you :)

Since I've always wanted to be a Yellow Power Ranger (Mighty Morphin' of course, Trini trumps everyone), I decided to start out with a little Barry M keeper, borrowed from my sister but purchased on ASOS. I'll also be taking my 2 True Fast Dry Nail Polish in Shade 12 from Superdrug because it's subtle but gorgeous, and my 2 True Glossy Wear Nail polish No. 26 from Superdrug as well because lime green is really pretty...

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