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Photo Diary: Shopping in Central Glasgow


OK so I went back to the city centre after my Zara haul. How naughty of me. I didn't buy anything though; just picked up a Topshop package and bought a few back-to-school basics, which doesn't count lol. I still hummed 50 Cent's Window Shopper as I walked around with my camera, looking more like Charlie in the chocolate factory than anything else. I am such a tourist.

Buchanan Galleries and the St Enoch Centre used to be two of my least favourite places because Mama Chaos used to drag us there all the time when we were younger, especially to John Lewis because she's really into fashion and used to have a clothing company, so she'd go there and check out the fabric and the sewing machines and all that jazz.

I guess now that I'm getting into the clothes-making aspect of fashion and helping her with the relaunch of her company, I probably don't regret going with her and learning a thing or two. But then, all I wanted to do was go home and play with my toys, and these shops were getting in the way of that.

And that feeling stuck with me. You should've seen my face when she suggested we go shopping there again. On the one hand, this meant there was yet another pocket to suffer the burden of my impulsive shopping. But on the other hand: I hated that place. I literally only ever shopped on-line when I was up north.

Then we got there.

I'm telling you, Glasgow has completely won me over! I started to wonder why I didn't apply to any universities there--especially considering my tuition would have been free!

It was like I was there for the very first time (who else is thinking about Madonna right now?)! I don't even remember the city centre being that big. And the architecture was just so British with refurbished old buildings that didn't detract from the cultural feel of the city, but didn't make you feel like you'd just time travelled to the early 1900s either. The vibrant, multinational people with the fashion ranging from the classically minimal to the edgy and glamorous to the traditional; from the Scottish kilts to the Indian saris. And all those shops, calling out to me like sirens on the high seas.

It was beautiful.

I still couldn't bring myself to step into John Lewis', but in terms of the city, I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder...


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