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Twentieth Post-aversary Special: Meet Tony

<<I interrupt the 'My Summer Essentials' series to bring you this message>>

YAY! I've managed to do twenty posts on here without calling it quits like I thought I would. Success! This means I'm making progress on this little journey of mine.

To celebrate, I've decided that it is time for me to introduce you guys to someone who is very special to me. He's beautiful, he's smart and he is very chivalrous--he literally helps me carry quite a lot of my heav-'e-files.'

Guys, I'd like you all to meet Tony...
In case you were wondering, yes. Yes, that is a light saber in the far right. pen drive.

Heehee, I apologize for the build-up but I am really proud of Tony & I've gotten some good use out of him, so I thought he deserved some airtime! I got him off eBay for about £18. Normally I'd think it was a total rip-off as he only carries 8GB. But it's Iron Man!!! So I let it slide.

I am very fond of little Tony here, as you can probably tell. I spent ages thinking of what to call him. 'Iron man' was too easy. 'JARVIS' was tempting but then I settled for Tony because Tony was Iron Man and Tony made JARVIS. Ergo, Tony is the superior overlord.

Tony is a bit damaged (looking back at the comics and movies, it's only fitting really) so I wouldn't advise you guys to buy one. I can be clumsy, yes, but I really don't think it should be that easy to break the slider mechanism; all I did was drop it...twice. And then countless times after it broke which don't count.

Besides, truth be told, I wouldn't want to see anyone else with a Tony because it will make my Tony feel less special and that's not very nice.

Then again, Tony does get lonely. I bet he'd appreciate a twin brother... I'm thinking of starting collection of these. I should start with a Captain America one; the guy managed to stay alive in a block of ice for decades, unscathed. Talk about durability!



  1. LOL Aw Tony...It has been a while. I see you managed to find Tony in the end. I thought he was gone on an overdue holiday ;) M x

    1. Haha, yes I did! He was hiding in one of the many crevices of my backpack. He's a wild mustang, this one; just can't be tied down lool

      K xx


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