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Not-So-Good Connection at French Connection Leeds #2 [Photo Diary]


Not-So-Good Connection at French Connection Leeds #1 [Rambling]

Party time? Err... no.

The Beauty Virgin: The Birth of a Beauty Junkie?

New series? Yes!

It's about something that nearly every teenage girl masters by the age of, like, fourteen. However, for me, four years ago, I would only have used it on my little brother as he slept, purely for the purpose of his humiliation (I am such a nice older sister): make-up!

Make-up and I had a pretty non-existent relationship up until a few months ago. 'Bare-faced' was my middle name. All I needed was lip balm and I was good to go... until puberty belatedly punched me in the face last year, of course, and then our "beautiful" English weather kicked it up a notch. But let's not go there.

In the weeks leading up to my prom in May, after being convinced to go, I decided (see: it was decided for me) that I couldn't leave college without leaving some kind of lasting impression. So we searched Shopstyle for hours until we found the dress and shoes to go with. That was the easy part!


Blogger Off-Duty #1 - A Magnum (P.I.) Weekend

Yes, I know it's Selfie Saturday, but you are what you eat, non?


Update: New Layout X New Tumblr URL

Hello, dreamy Dreamers!

This is such a random post but I just thought I'd update you guys with some "behind-the-blog" stuff. For those of you who have recently been flabbergasted by the multiple layout changes on this blog, I do apologize. They just weren't doing it for me. I was tempted to revert back to the very first template I had which my sister so graciously designed for me, but then I played around with it a little bit more and came up with this one.

I think it's The One, guys. I'd like to know what you guys think though; this blog is as much for me as it is for you :) I have a feeling it won't be changing for quite a while though. At least not for a month. I think I can guarantee I won't think of something else for at least that long. But I do hope it lasts, I really like this one.



Music Throwback: Mafikizolo's 'Khona' Featuring Uhuru

[Source] Uhuru's not in this picture but how cute are the duo, Mafikizolo??
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