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Blogger Off-Duty #1 - A Magnum (P.I.) Weekend

Yes, I know it's Selfie Saturday, but you are what you eat, non?

Random thing I've decided to start on here: Blogger Off-Duty posts with a picture about what I'm doing (or not doing), and a little excerpt to give you another glimpse look into my oh-so-glamorous life!

You're welcome :)

So, when my dad and I went out to ASDA for yet another grocery haul yesterday (we both consume food like no one else I've ever seen, honestly), we happened to walk past the deserts aisle and in the corner of my eye, I spotted those little red '2 for £3 Roll Back Savings' signs on the Magnum ice cream rack in one of the freezers.

T'was love at first sight, I tell you.

After much pleading, I managed to convince my dad it was a good idea to get two boxes of Magnum Whites on the condition that I don't eat them all at once.

I've had three already.

I know, I'm so naughty... But they were worth it.

I've been feeling down in the dumps lately so this, coupled with a few episodes of Magnum P.I. (it was only fitting), will make for a fantastic couple of days. Hope you guys are having a much more eventful, but equally satisfying weekend! xx



  1. I have to check these out!!


    1. Oh yes, you must! They are little icy pieces of heaven. Love your blog btw; I'm Team Gryffindor too lol!


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