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Music Throwback: Mafikizolo's 'Khona' Featuring Uhuru

[Source] Uhuru's not in this picture but how cute are the duo, Mafikizolo??

I seem to be posting every other day now. I guess I'm compensating for when the first semester starts in two weeks and I actually have something to do besides get up, cook, eat, blog, stalk people on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, eat and then sleep again... My, it's been a fun summer.

On to the purpose of the post! I am not a massive South African music guzzler any more. And by that, I mean, it requires a lot more work to keep up with African music here in Northern England, and I find myself less willing to go out fetching for SA music like I do with Nigerian music. I still have some of the old hits by the likes of Lucky Dube, Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mambazo on my iPod. But today, my contemporary South African music knowledge is limited to songs by HHP, L-Tido, Da LES, AKA, Liquideep and Lira, the ones I remember listening to back in Nigeria on MTV Base.

I came across this song a few nights ago in an Instagram video by Soliat, one of the beautiful members of the Afrobeats dance group, CEO Dancers. I found out about them by chance about a year ago, back when Ezinne had hair (it's one of my many past-times, watching choreographed dance videos on YouTube) and as soon as I saw their Zamounda vid, I was hooked. I remember watching their videos on repeat, eagerly awaiting the next one so I could keep pretending I had anything resembling rhythm by dancing along. Now they're doing shows and appearing in music videos and being international superstars.
My babies are all grown up!

Anyway, I was curious about this song because it was hella catchy so I searched the  "Khona" hashtag she put in and found it easily. It's a fairly recent song as it came out ealier this year, but it's not 'new' new so I'm putting it in the "Music Throwback" file, not the New Music one.

I assume this song is Kwaito but don't quote me on that. Regardless of which genre it is though, I sincerely like it. It's the perfect tempo, the harmony of the instruments give it that familiar southern African sound but with a modern edge. I'm yet to determine what make the speakers I have at home are but you can literally feel the drum line through the walls - makes it even better.

The video is the best bit though! The South Africans seem to have that "culturally sophisticated" look down pat. The clothes, the make-up, the hair, the scenery, the choreography... 10/10 on all platforms! And Uhuru seems like a seriously cool dude!

I can't tell if the video matched the content of the song because I don't speak Zulu (at least I hope it's Zulu lol) but from my studies (on Google Translate) I have found out that 'khona' means 'at a place.' Hope that helps the linguistics among you (it really doesn't, does it? I apologize). I grew up listening to music I could barely understand so I'm pretty used to it anyway.

Anyway, watch the video below and tell me what you think! If you can't watch the embedded version, click here to watch it on YouTube.


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