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New Music: DRB Las Gidi's 'Show Me'


Quick one about my three favourite New Schoolers with a song that reminds me exactly why I love them.

I deliberately skimmed over the Owo Faaji song they released just before this one because, to be honest, I don't like it. Maybe it was my ancient iPod playing up or maybe I was in my hyper-critical mode when I listened to it (something that really should not be done in order to properly appreciate Nigerian music), but the mixing just felt... off. Plus the hook was less than stellar, Mr Chidoo's production was a little too familiar and that "time to party" bit just bugs me.

Every time.

I don't know why; it just does.

Show Me however, is exactly what I expect from these guys. BOJ's voice only gets better, Fresh L and Teezee are definitely improving, and I would seriously like to know if the girls these guys sing about are actually real. Like, the whole "next thing she showed me her underwear" thing; that doesn't actually happen, does it? It can't possibly escalate that quickly. Or am I just being naive?

And I don't know who the producer, BallerTosh is but can I just say that I love him? The beat is addictive and the whole song is just so well put-together, albeit a bit short. It's bad enough songs have to end in general, but not even three minutes, guys? C'mon, show us some love and give us more.

Anyway, the song's been out for a while and it's been pretty well-received from what I can see on Twitter. There are some serious die-hard DRB fans out there.

Like, for reals.

It's a shame I'm not going to be in Nigeria this Christmas. I would've loved to see them in concert on home turf. Apparently, these boys do not disappoint. Plus, this other group called LOS that I'm not all that familiar with will be there and from what I hear, their on-stage antics are something to behold.

But I guess I'll just have to resort Instagram-stalking.

Anyway, have a good listen to the track below or click here to view it on YouTube. 


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