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New Video: De Verre's 'MAD' [Explicit Content]

The Southern Californian band, De Verre made their debut this year with this eclectic, provocative number 'MAD', a song which for all intents and purposes makes the listener feel lovestruck and intoxicated, and as vulnerable as the band's name suggests. Lead singer, Alice Day spoke to Keith Creighton from POPDOSE (which you can read here) about the band, the song and the video that's got everybody buzzing, stating that the inspiration behind the band's name (French for 'of glass') was that feeling of complete intimacy when you feel like a lover can see right through you (but tbh I really wouldn't know lol).

'MAD' compliments this idea with the sultry lyrics, the undulating, climactic instrumental, Alice's orgasmic voice reminiscent of Lana Del Rey's, and Lauren Dunn's fantastic visual interpretation, perfectly capturing the essence of the song in an unapologetically seductive manner without being too in-your-face, very much unlike certain VMA performances this year (hey, Miley!).

The lighting, the boudoir, the slow smoking and the lingerie, all contribute to the intimately carefree setting for the music video. The illusive, low-budget video is exactly how one would imagine a love scene to play out in a coming-of-age indie movie about  sexual exploration and breaking personal boundaries, destined for an award at the Sundance film festival. There is an added wanton air to the video as it feels like you're permeating into the privacy of these three post-revellers who, in a haze of drunken infatuation, decide to "get to know each other better"... on camera. There is also a bit of mystery as to whether it was all just a raunchy dream or if this night of lascivious freedom actually happened. It is this wondering and of course, the skilled videography that gives it a more romantic feel.

The five-piece band consisting of vocalist Alice, bass guitarist Kristina, drummer and pianist Brandon, and guitarists Mike and Chris, De Verre seem to be the next big thing in music, heading down the mood music path alongside the likes of The Weeknd and 'seducing' us all along the way. And I am pretty excited to hear what else they've got in store for us!

Watch the steamy video below or click here if the embedded version doesn't work to watch it on YouTube.


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