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New Video: J. Cole's 'Crooked Smile' Featuring TLC

There is very little that my man, J. Cole could do that wouldn't make me love him even more. No joke, this man has stolen my heart. He would definitely be my favourite husband in my polyandrous marriage thing.

Not only is he beautiful and mega talented, he's also half-German. After watching the efficiency that was Niki Lauda in Rush (such a good movie OMG), I'm beginning to think I may have developed a thing for German-speaking guys. In a movie where Chris Hemsworth's scantily-clad body is often on show (bless whoever suggested that), it has to take quite a lot for another character to distract me.

A lot.

But Lauda did a pretty good job of it even if he did look a bit mousy. Austrians and, more famously, Germans are known for their efficiency, and there's just something about a man who is driven and knows exactly what he wants and goes out to get it... Although, the driving helped too.

Man, I love cars. I've always wanted to try racing but I don't even have a license yet. And both my parents have adamantly refused to get in a car with me behind the wheel. It's just like when I told them I wanted to go to a shooting range, and the general consensus was "not while I'm alive." O ye of little faith smh.

Back to J. Cole. Basically, I love the guy to little itty-bitty bits and pieces.

I was a bit hesitant to watch the video for this song at first because I heard it was about little Aiyana Stanley-Jones, the seven-year-old girl who got shot in a drug raid in Detroit in 2010. I'm the furthest thing from an optimist but at the same time, I'm one of those people who tends to avoid things that do not bode well with me. Public speeches, confrontation, death, literally anything sentimental; it all reads as "plague" to me and I avoid it accordingly.

But then I decided to take the plunge over a Skype session with a friend of mine who's almost as in love with J. Cole as I am (yes, dude, I said "almost" :P ). And in my impartial opinion, I think the video is pretty damn good. Heartfelt, emotional, real... Did it match the actual song; no, not really.

But it definitely did the message about drug violence and racial profiling justice. It was inspired by the story of Jonathan Ferrell and J. Cole's experience watching Fruitvale Station (which I am yet to see), and I really like how he used that emotion to fortify his acting skills under director, Sheldon Candis' supervision, bringing to light a serious issue in America that's still 'under the radar, 'so to speak. You can read/watch his interview with MTV News here. And he does it so well. His character was the picture of emotional conflict. His acting, raw and unabashed, complimenting Candis' work perfectly.

Candis even went ahead to describe J. Cole as his Ryan Gosling. Too true, my friend. Too true.

You can watch the story behind the video here. And I'm pretty sure the embedded version of the music video below won't work (damn you, Vevo), so click here to watch it on YouTube.


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