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New Video: Mike Will Made-It's '23' Featuring Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Hey dreamers!

Yet another music post. I meant to schedule them over the weekend but with all the chaos going on behind the scenes here, I forgot so now I've pushed them all out to make up for it.

In my short tenure here as a blogger on the interweb, I don't think I have ever done a review on a song or video I didn't like. But I am on the train once again and I'm in an irritable mood so I am hitting you with a double whammy.

I am a big Mike Will fan, big Miley fan, big Juicy J fan, big Khalifa fan (don't judge me). But seriously, what the hell was going on that studio when they recorded this? Who directed this? Who said this could be aired?
What is this?

And I'm really worried about Miley. For such a beautiful, talented girl, she sure is doing her damnedest to ensure she makes all the wrong decisions in her career. I wonder, could it be a cry for help? Maybe she's just hurting from the break-up or something, and she thinks this is the best way to deal with it. I ignored the VMAs thing and the Wrecking Ball video (beautiful song, semi-atrocious video) and the iHeartRadio music festival performance, but now, I feel I must say something.

OK so she wants to be the "Bleached Rihanna" as someone so eloquently put it once, does she have to try so hard? Surely it should come naturally if it was meant to be, non? And must there be so much skin and innuendo all the tine?

I could barely get through the whole thing. I don't think my eyebrows have furrowed this much since Christmas morning in 2002 when neither I nor my sister got the Baby Expressions doll we both wanted from Santa. I'm so disappointed right now.

And I know it seems like I'm attacking the poor girl (notice how I did not say "woman" because her behaviour suggests a lack in maturity) but I just expect more from someone I used to look up to. A lot more. Because that speaks poorly of me as well.

I don't like to hate, I really don't. Especially on someone I genuinely like and (sorta) respect.

So I'm just gonna say no more and leave it there.

I advise you not to, but I obviously cannot stop you from watching the video below or clicking here to watch it on YouTube. It's basically an explicit Nike commercial to a song that probably would have had potential, had it not been for all the depressants and stimulants that were clearly involved in the production process.


PS - Sorry for the crappy/moody posts lately. I'll explain everything soon. I just want to wait until it's all cleared up. I'd rather come on here with solutions, rather than just problems.
You feel me? Hope you guys are all good though xx


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