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Ashley Madekwe is just the bee's knees, isn't she? Actress (Cassandra's Dream, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Revenge) and style columnist for Glamour UK, the LA-based Briton has been blogging at Ring My Bell since 2009, with an ever-growing audience and arguably the world's most enviable shoe closet; a girl after my own heart.

Ashley's style is quite girlie which usually doesn't bode well with me. I was that kid who scowled whenever her mother made her wear pink and would much rather have worn jeans, an oversized t-shirt and sneakers, and played football all day (I was the only girl on an all-boys team; still very proud of that). Things have not changed... much. Now I can at least appreciate a nice dress as well as the next girl and I live for heels, but I always manage to make everything I wear look boyish. 'Androgynous' should be my middle name. It's the man-shoulders, I tell you. Well that, and the distinct lack of boobage.

Moving on, I really like Ashley's style regardless because it has such a chilled 'All-American girl' vibe to it. I like to think I'm truly American at heart (East Coast though) and plan on moving there many, many years from now (hopefully when there's more gun control) so of course, I just adore her blog.

LA's warm weather allows her to pull off light, airy fabric, pretty prints and bright colours nearly all-year round. Nautical stripes are a wardrobe staple of hers which, when coupled with her loose wavy hair, give her outfits a sailor/beach girl vibe. Skinny jeans are another of her staples which she has in a range of colours and usually pairs them with a slightly slouchy top and heels. She usually keeps her outfits simple and her make-up, minimal for that added Californian cool factor.

She often plays up her outfits with killer statement accessories but for me, her shoes are almost always the main focus. Be it the style, the colour or the detailing, her shoes speak to me more than anything else... well, them and her Chanel bags. The depraved couture junkie in me dies a little every time I see them.

Lessons Learnt

Isabel Marant-inspired wedges? Still torn over them, but one can't deny their fashionable versatility.

Feminine can be edgy with the right shoes and accessories.

Release your inner 'Cali girl' when the sun comes out (and add Dr Dre and Kendrick Lamar's The Recipe to your playlist while you're at it to really get in the mood of things).

Invest in timeless designer pieces if you can. The Vestiaire Collective is probably the best way to do this but if you know any other good sites, please let me know and I will love you forever.

A girl can never have too many shoes... unless of course, she wants to give them away to me :)

Channelling Ashley Madekwe on Polyvore


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