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WANT: Faux Fur & Leather

WANT: Faux Fur & Leather | Ses Rêveries
WANT: Faux Fur & Leather | Ses Rêveries
WANT: Faux Fur & Leather | Ses Rêveries
WANT: Faux Fur & Leather | Ses Rêveries

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming (hello there, Game of Thrones fans).

This has to be my favourite time of the year. It might be slightly unbearable for the cold-blooded like me who shiver when they've got less than three layers on, but with the chill, this season brings yellowing leaves, snow (eventually), layers and layers of clothing (no more bare limbs and backs strewn across lawns and park benches), gorgeous hats and scarves, and gallons of hot chocolate.


Every time the A/W season rolls around, I find myself lusting after faux fur and leather.

There's just something about fur that makes one think of divas in Tinsel town, or the Parisian nightlife with the haute couture and the caviar. Well, that's what I think of anyway. So of course, I've always wanted one. I can act out my 'troubled Hollywood starlet' fantasy. But alas, none of the coats I like are within my price range, or if they are, they're not in the right shade which is just frustrating.

And with student loans on the horizon, I'm afraid it will just have to remain a fantasy for a little while longer... unless a rich douche with more money than sense ends up falling in love with me.

It could happen.

Leather jackets may be wardrobe staples but I don't own one. All the cheap, faux leather ones have an agglomeration of buckles or studs on them which I find extremely off-putting. Plus, I'm a leather-snob; there's nothing like the real thing. My dream leather jackets is kind of like this Kaviar Gauche one: simple cut, black or dark brown, with delicate detailing. Nothing too fancy, for the leather itself must be the focus. But unless I strike gold on eBay, I don't see that happening either until much later.

Mixing textures has always gained high praise from me but I honestly think mixing fur and leather is so hardcore. Grunge glamour, I am tempted to call it. It's so Joan Smalls and who doesn't love her? In a more understated texture-mixing fashion, the wool-leather jacket is also perfect for the fall. Plus, the leather-sleeved look is absolutely tdf.

Hope you guys are having fun shopping for the new season! I'm on the hunt for next spring's hot pieces because everything warm weather-related will be mega-slashed come the torrential rain, and I want to be wishlist-ready.


Leather Jacket with Fox Fur Collar - Jitrois at Style Bop | Faux Fur Cropped Jacket - French Connection | Leather Jacket - Kaviar Gauche for Zalando | Leather and Wool-Blend Bomber Jacket - APC at Net-A-Porter

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    1. Yeah, I literally drool just looking at them lol. Thanks for the comment! :D xx


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