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The Beauty Virgin: The Birth of a Beauty Junkie?

New series? Yes!

It's about something that nearly every teenage girl masters by the age of, like, fourteen. However, for me, four years ago, I would only have used it on my little brother as he slept, purely for the purpose of his humiliation (I am such a nice older sister): make-up!

Make-up and I had a pretty non-existent relationship up until a few months ago. 'Bare-faced' was my middle name. All I needed was lip balm and I was good to go... until puberty belatedly punched me in the face last year, of course, and then our "beautiful" English weather kicked it up a notch. But let's not go there.

In the weeks leading up to my prom in May, after being convinced to go, I decided (see: it was decided for me) that I couldn't leave college without leaving some kind of lasting impression. So we searched Shopstyle for hours until we found the dress and shoes to go with. That was the easy part!

My hair was still untameable (I was trying out the transitioning thing at the time which I explained here; epic fail btw, I could barely get a comb through. It was completely un-fazed by all the essential oils and co-washing and deep-conditioning etc etc until I just had to relax it...too much work) and I didn't know the first thing about make-up. None of this foundation or primer nonsense - the only reason why I even know those words now is because of YouTube and my sister, who was over here in the UK during most of my formative years. I was a little bit of a tomboy back then, who thought make-up was nothing but a waste of time and energy.

Luckily for me, a few of my friends decided to take over my prom hair and make-up and I was curious enough about the outcome to go along with it. Cue the search for colours that would suit me (the back of my hand looked like a Pollock painting smh) and a long-ass quibble in Superdrug when I refused to dole out more than a tenner for "crap I would never use again"--and my foundation alone was £7 which, according to them, was really cheap (seriously though, the cosmetic industry is ripping you guys off big time)!

But on the fateful day, I could barely recognize myself! I'm not usually one to be vain (ahaha) but I didn't look half-bad; muuuch better than usual, definitely. People kept saying I looked like Whitney Houston though, which was awesome but I still don't see the resemblance.

The applaud I got when I first walked in the door, though? That, I saw; probably the best part of the entire night. I had to stop myself from reciting my well-rehearsed Oscars speech.

Lasting impression? Check. Although I wasn't sure if it was because I actually looked OK, or because it was so much of a step-up from what I usually looked like at school. I bet it was the latter. Boarding school did not agree with me. At all. But let's not go there.

That night, as well as my new-found fascination with make-up, I also discovered what a massive camera whore I am...OK that's not true; I've known it all along. My baby pictures tell it all.

Prom Night Photo Reel

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress by Love Label on ASOS; Nude Pumps from Wallis (similar here); Cross Earrings from ASOS; Chain Link Necklace from ASOS; Oasis clutch with Gold Detailing at John Lewis (bought on-line of course, I don't really do John Lewis; similar here)

Bit embarrassing, that, but whatever; t'is liberating to make fun of one's self.

And sorry, for the less than stellar backdrop. These are the only proper full-length ones of me where I don't look like I'm high on nitrous oxide. It's a shame though, because the hotel we had the party at was beautiful but alas, you will have to settle for my crappy old room.

Anyway, so that's how the Beauty Virgin was birthed. Make-up is all well and good for looking nice on a daily basis or going out to a party or whatever else normal people use it for, but the power of make-up to completely transform, like in movies? That, my friends, is what impresses me the most about it! Guess who just got super-excited for Halloween!

But before I go down the Andrea's Choice-type costume make-up route (she is AMAZING btw), I should probably start with the basics. My skincare regime is embarrassingly close to non-existent, so rectifying that is first on the list.

I warn you, like this post, this series will probably last for as long as this blog does because there is SO much to learn, so my super-awesome Halloween may have to be postponed [sad-face] buuut when it does happen, oh, I shall trick-or-treat till dawn!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this as much as I know I will!

Thanks for reading xx



  1. Woww!!! Make up actually luks gud on u..who wuld hav knwn u luk gud in a gown nd nt ur usual jean nd top nt forgettin ur jordans??

    1. Hahaha! I'm still about that #Nike life yo, but still, thank you! :D

      - Karina xx


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