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Dirty Laundry: The "New" New Kid

View from my rather streaky bedroom window this morning...
So... here's a quick summary of my first two weeks at university for the nosy ones among you. Be warned; lots of words!

I missed Freshers' Week which was also the week of our Induction, so I have basically been 'cluelessness' personified, with no sense of direction in a big-ass city campus. Who wouldn't want to be me right now?

So far, so good though. I have finally gotten the hang of my timetable after the teeny-weeny blunder I pulled on the first day, showing up an hour early for my first lecture. You can follow me on Twitter to get my uni-inspired musings as they happen.

I haven't spoken to that many people still though. If I haven't told you already, you should note now that I am the epitome of social awkwardness when no one I know is around.

I'm fairly normal once I get to know you, albeit quite excitable and animated. But I just suck at initiating conversation with people I don't know. Even "hi" feels so cringe-worthy to me. So in the interim, I just smile and speak in short, simple phrases only when spoken to because I am too conscious of the fact that I tend to jumble my words up when I'm nervous because I speak quite quickly. Also, I can be very blunt which some people think is insensitive or "bitchy" but personally, I actually think it makes me a really nice person because I'm being completely honest with you, and honesty is the best policy, non?

Oh and the fact that I could somehow mange to throw in a few pop culture references at any second or confuse them with my hard-to-place accent doesn't help either. But as unnecessary as this is, I do it for the benefit of others.

You're welcome.

I mean, I'm a self-proclaimed introvert (that's why I do Engineering, and not Law or Poli-Sci), but seriously I don't know when I started letting that actually stop me from being able to talk to people. I'm losing my shamelessness, guys. I'm going full-on hermit! It must stop!

But that's not the only reason why I haven't been a Social Sally. Because I missed Freshers' and the induction, I feel so out of the loop. Everyone already seems so acquainted with themselves having bonded over their mutual newness which is great for them, but not so much for the "new" new kid. I stick out like a sore thumb.

Buuut I don't feel too bummed because I'm still "adjusting." I suspect in due time, when I feel more comfortable with the idea of being a university student (which still isn't a done deal anyway but that's a whole other long-ass story) and get out of my "negativity" rut, I'll probably end up babbling pointlessly to every poor, unsuspecting Tom, Dick and Harry I see.

Speaking of babbling, lectures have been great! Honestly, I think I was made for school. Sitting in class (second/third row every time if I can help it), taking notes (I can quite proudly say that my notes are meticulous...bordering on obsessive-compulsive lol) and listening to wise men and women impart knowledge to the next generation of people who will eventually come to take their jobs from them really is an amazing thing to do.

I have been doing my damnedest to avoid being the class swot by not answering questions in class, which I know is stupid. But knowing that I know the answer is fine by me.  I wouldn't advise anyone else to think along those line though, because it only leaves your coursework and exams for your teachers to see your potential. And that's great and all, until you have an off day. Like, how do you expect them to know you're actually capable of doing better if you don't interact in lectures?

That being said, you don't want to be the kid everyone hates who's got his/her hand stuck in the air 24/7 with all the answers, not giving anyone else a word in edgewise.

It's all about balance.

Another thing is the events! I've only been to one 'do: the meet-and-greet by the Afro-Caribbean Society, and it was so awesome! I chatted with some seriously cool people, thanks to the Speed Dating (!!!) session they organised for us. Oddly enough, I loved it! And I learned that I suck at Two Facts & A Lie lol. There are also a few Give It A Go sessions for all the different clubs and societies happening all across campus, and I look forward to trying out as many as I can, especially the dance classes to fix my two left feet lol.

The clubs won't be seeing me anytime soon... although I do have a coupon for free entry to some place called the Back Room. But tbh, I'm more concerned with what I'm doing for Halloween. I haven't had a proper Halloween since I was a kid! I want to dress up and go trick-or-treating and eat candy all night... or y'know, the grown-up equivalent, whatever that is. I need to find people who are in the know asap; preferably people who can be the Winston, Nick, Schmidt and Cece to my Jess lol.

Anyway, that's all I've got for my first half-month. I need to get some studying done now before I need to head over to Manchester (again) for my sister's birthday. Thanks for reading though. Hope you guys are well! xx


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