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NEW MUSIC ALERT: Fresh L X 3Feat - Clown Cake


Fresh L, one leg of our favourite Nigerian trio, DRB Las Gidi has released the new single, Clown Cake featuring 3Feat from the Creative Elevation crew (Blind Date is officially a must-listen, no joke). I personally spent a good five minutes of my life searching for it, but I assume this was just a teaser and it will be made available for public consumption very soon. Oh, how I wish I was one of the hallowed few who get to chill in a studio with the musicians and producers, and hear every song first-hand from start to completion; maybe even have some input, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. That would be a dream come true, I tell you [sigh]...

I think we can also safely assume that I will simply update this post with a link to the song when it becomes available on a suitable medium, rather than do another post on it because I'm lazy like that.

But until then, I shall leave you with Ladi's Instagram post about the track to ponder over for no apparent reason yet.

I might be a little obsessed with his Instagram actually #FanGirl #NoShame


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