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NEW MUSIC: Eminem's 'Monster' Featuring Rihanna


So... I heard this last night and contemplated posting this all day today considering Eminem's brush with the LGBT community. It's hella risky being connected to peeps who are involved in some controversy or the other. I mean, look at Jay-Z being asked to drop his Barney's deal because of their security's unbelievably ridiculous racial profiling. Yes, racism is intolerable... but he's losing out on a lot of money too, I believe. And in the end, it won't necessarily stop their racist stop-and-searches so nobody wins.

Then again, I don't believe Eminem truly has any hard feelings about our LGBT amigos.

Eminem and Bad Gal Riri have come again with a song that I daresay I might actually be in love with. I want to marry this song and have its kids. We're thinking three.

Moving on, Em and Riri's last collabo, Love The Way You Lie in 2010 dominated so many charts, it was kinda hard to keep track. I, for one can attest that it was on everywhere all the time back in Nigeria. It went from being a regular track to one of those sing-a-long songs. Everybody knew the words.

Now it seems The Monster is on track to follow in its predecessor's footsteps. It's only been twenty-four hours and its already got over a million views on YouTube alone!

I'm so glad Eminem's back! When I heard he might be retiring, I was not pleased. But with the release of Berzerk, it was clear that all was well with the world again. His hugely-anticipated twelfth album, The Marshall Mathers LP is due on the 11th of November and is virtually already in my basket.

But let's not forget about Riri though! I have a love/disapprove-of relationship with her. On the one hand, her wardrobe is covetable (albeit a bit risque sometimes), her voice is amazing and she's not afraid to bend the rules. On the other hand, she sometimes bends the rules a little too far and constantly tries to find new ways to reassure us that she is a "bad b---h" which only makes me think that she is simply someone to admire but not exactly aspire to be. But hey, I'm not here to judge. Fact is, I love me some Riri and boy, did she deliver! The hook is going to be stuck in my head for ages. I've got a video mapped out for this song in my head, which sucks most of the time as it only leads to disappointment. However, they managed to do it with Love The Way You Lie so I've got a good feeling about this one.

Check out the track below; click here to watch it on YouTube or here to listen to it on SoundCloud.

Happy listening!


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