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NEW MUSIC: Yo Gotti's 'Cold Blood' Featuring J. Cole & Canei Finch


Another music post and I am keeping it brief what with all the school work I have left to the last minute in typical me fashion. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I actually really want that first-class degree with the way things are going smh.

Anyway, today's post features Yo Gotti and my numero uno, the only man in my life (*cough-cough*) et cetera, et cetera: J. Cole (if you are interested in some embarrassing J. Cole fan girling, feel free to read my Crooked Smile post).

I had mixed feelings about Cold Blood at first, to be perfectly honest with you guys. Funnily enough, it had nothing to do with the name You kind of expect these kinda titles from a track with J. Cole on it. No, it was because of the bit where Yo Gotti says the chorus. It just kinda ruined the flow for me. But whatever, I am learning to deal with it.

Other than that, Yo Gotti's verses were heavy. In a good way, of course! I really like his style. It's made me want to go revisit some of his old stuff because Women Lie, Men Lie track was the only other one of his songs I actually knew really well and loved whole-heartedly. The poor man fell kinda under my radar after that, and only just resurfaced thanks to King Sh*t and the impending release of his I Am album. I will definitely be copping that, and not just because of that I am the Struggle banner on the cover art... although I really want a t-shirt with that on it asap. But yeah, back to the song, I liked his delivery; quality stuff.

Moving on.

J. Cole gave me chills.

The chills might have been because I've been listening to this with my headphones on full blast, but they were chills nonetheless. The man has got skills. Undeniable talent. I could go on for ever... no joke.

But do I think he overshadowed Yo Gotti on this one? Surprisingly, no. I mean, his bars were topnotch, no doubt. But there was a kind of mutually beneficial sync between them on this one, making it difficult to even think about comparisons. It was all about the music. They were "the voices for the voiceless."

Some of the imagery was less than pleasant, and there wasn't really much room for metaphors. I mean, I may not look at the world through rose-coloured spectacles, but I like a bit of word-play as much as the next girl. Still, it was straight-talking hip hop at some of its finest. I give it four out of five stars, because I don't give out full marks anymore. I'm like an IQ test now; you just cannot be in the hundredth percentile, bae.

Anywho, let's give a bit of credit to the production. Canei Finch seemed to have produced this one with full-frontal awesomeness on his mind. I love him! This song and Jigga's American Gangster shall be on repeat tonight. Yup, it's that kinda night.

You can listen to the the track below (or click here to be redirected to YouTube), or you can just listen to it on SoundCloud if VEVO decides to be super annoying with their country restrictions and whatnot.

Happy listening!


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