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NEW VIDEO: Bridge's 'For Daddy' Featuring Yung


Bridge and Yung just dropped their For Daddy video today, which is great because if I wasn't fortunate enough to stumble upon it, they probably would have remained under my radar for quite some time.

I'm not massive fans of L.O.S's music (oh dear God, I hope they're actually from L.O.S. and that is the group's actual name, otherwise this would just be awkward Google tells me I was right; all is well with the world); not because they're bad or anything. This is a pretty good track, and I love the black and white visuals for the video, and the topsy-turvy champagne glasses sequence. Some of the ladies were a bit stiff for a song that encouraged them to "shake it", but that's just me being a bit nit-picky. It's been a long day.

But yeah back to why I'm not a massive fan; they were simply never on TV whenever bothered to tune in. And when I read music blogs, I always search for the people I know or the people who've been recommended to me which, I'll admit, does make it hard for newcomers to make it on my iPod.

But let me tell you now, music-making people, my iPod is exactly where you want your music to be. Think of my iPod as your Mecca...

OK, maybe not that extreme. What I'm basically trying to say is that if I don't know you, you might need to work on your publicity a little bit. I'm not saying I know everyone and everything. But if I don't know you, then what does that tell you? This is one of those help-me-to-help-you situations. You feel me?

Anyway, I am going to stop rambling and just let you guys watch le video. I will state for the record that I actually like it and will make an effort to check out their other stuff over the next few days. So I will say now that you are welcome for my incoming YouTube views, boys!

Happy listening!


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