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NEW VIDEO: Wizkid's 'Jaiye Jaiye' Featuring Femi Kuti


He's done it again. Wizkid has finally released the visuals for Jaiye Jaiye on YouTube after some international Twitter-based foreplay where the artiste tweeted and retweeted his fans for hours, raping my feed once again; thanks a lot, dude. The video was directed by the talented Sesan Ogunro, and fused Wizkid's contemporary extravagant nature with the native, alchemic backdrop so well-acquainted with the amazing Femi Kuti's legend of a father, Fela.

Sesan pretty much delivered on most fronts. The visuals were stimulating but the choreography at the begninning left a lot to be desired, in my honest opinion. I do however, really want that cape Wizkid was wearing. And not just for Halloween. No, I want it to casually walk around town in, to party in, to sleep in even! Somebody hook me up!

I especially liked the mural devoted to Fela Kuti. I thought that was a nice touch... which was inadvertently ruined by the Star beer truck bit. I really don't think their sponsorship or whatever input they may have had in the project should've been that obvious, but that's just me.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the results as are just about all of his fans. Whilst I personally would've done it a bit differently, the video was basically exactly what you would expect for a song that celebrated Wizkid's success and the pioneers of Afrobeats.

Check it out below or click here to watch it on YouTube.


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