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Photo Diary: VOGUE Fashion's Night Out, Manchester [Updated]

[UPDATE: Click here to check me out on Karen Millen's Facebook page #PoserAlert]

So... how do I describe last night?

I think EPIC just about covers it!

I'm just going to jump right into it and start recounting every single minute detail from my night out (don't act like you didn't know I was the reason Vogue moved FNO to Manchester this, so if you'd like to read the bit leading up to this, I suggest you take a look at the teaser post first if you haven't already/don't mind deviating.

WARNING: If you get carpel tunnel from scrolling through all these pictures, I really cannot be held responsible; at least now you can say I sorta came through for you guys. As a sign of good faith though, I've kept the rambling brief (for me, anyway).

FNO officially started on the train from Leeds for me with a super quick outfit change and a long walk in heels to meet up with my home girls (yeah, I said "home girls" #RatchetBehavior) but I managed to take the Before and After shots in my room yesterday just for you guys.

Drab versus... less drab lol

After meeting up with my sister first, we took a few selfies before heading out to meet our friends at Whistles, and taking tons of pictures on the way. The links to the clothes are all the way at the end of the post.

H&M was one of the busiest shops with the VOGUE Style Editor, Emma Elwick-Bates giving style tips (which we made up for later on, thank God) and Pixie Geldof spinning the tables (saw her through the window though!), but sadly there was no time to pop in and check it out. Speaking of things we missed, we also didn't get to hear Kate Phelan give a beauty talk in Topshop, or Eliza Doolittle and Jameela Jamil have their turn on the decks at Selfridges, and quite a few other people, but in our defence, we didn't really plan on going. It was literally decided the night before, but we still had fun which is the most important thing.

I did say my luck was the absolute worst. If I ever become famous, my biography is gonna be one hell of a read lol.

On the upside, I got "spotted", styled and then snapped with one of VOGUE's fashion editors at Karen Millen, we spotted Nicky Clarke leaving his shop (I knew I recognized that glossy head of hair), and I nearly wet myself laughing as my friends and I "sweet-talked" our way into Flannels in search of Matthew Williamson (but we were too late [sad face]). Let me set the scene: the party's still in full swing inside. My sister (Mo), our friend (Fiona) and I (Yours Truly/YT) walk up to the doors where two security men (Guards #1 and #2) and another with a clapperboard (Guard #3) are stood, waiting. And this is basically how it went down...

Fiona/Mo/Yours Truly: [walk up to door]
Guard #1: Evening, ladies. Can we check that you're on the list?
Mo: List?
Fiona: What list?
Guard #1: The guest list. Are your names on it?
Fiona: Are you serious? None of the other stores--
Guard #3: Yes, you have to be on the list to get in.
Mo: [in all seriousness] We're on the list.
Guard #1: And what are your names?
Mo: They're on the list.//Fiona: On the list.
Guard #1: Where?
Mo: [gestures to the clapperboard] There.
Guard #1: OK so what are your names?
Mo: Our names are on the list.
YT: [basically in hysterics at this point]
Guard #1: And they are...?
Guard #3: [laughs] Let them in.
Guard #1: What?
Guard #3: [opens door] Come on in, girls.

And scene.

Aren't I just that much luckier having people this awesome in my life?? It's the little things, really, like crashing a "private" VOGUE event lol. Anyway, I'll stop talking now. Enjoy the photos!

Apparently, Sam Rollinson was in Arndale as well that night [super sad face].

Inside Whistles, two of the ladies from the three-woman DJ group, Dance Lady Dance were on the decks giving us some sweet electro-pop tunes.

And then we moved further down King Street. The 'live mannequin' women at Boodles were fascinating!

In the basement of Karen Millen, Executive VOGUE Fashion EditorSerena Hood (yes, THE Serena) was giving styling tips to eager shoppers so we popped in to check it out.

No shame, none whatsoever lol [Photo Credit: Within My Locket]

And it was whilst admiring these stunning bags and shoes, that the in-house photographer, Tim took a random shot of me and then asked me if I would like to get styled and have my picture taken. Um, yes!

Everything's by Karen Millen except my shoes... and myself, that's c/o my parents (ahaha).
[Photo Credit: Within My Locket]
[Photo Credit: Within My Locket]
[Photo Credit: Within My Locket]
[Photo Credit: Within My Locket]

Just call me Jourdan, darling!

And after burning holes in my pocket for weeks, I finally grew a pair and handed a few of these bad boys out. Check me out, all sophisticated avec les business cards...

And after my fifteen minutes of fame, it was back to admiring the clothes. I was also rewarded with a delicious Karen Millen treat: a muffin-pop! Genius? I think so. It better catch on...

And just outside House of Fraser...

And here's the autograph of the man I walked all this way in heels for. I had my Vans in my bag but it was one of those Barney Stinson/Challenge Accepted moments lol.

We met the stunning fashion blogger, Sumaira and just had to take a picture of her; that feathered cape is so fetch!

A spot of shoe-porn for the sneaker-heads among you. Very 'Cupid'...

And then it was off to find our Mancunian-bred designer...

And this is the young man we unfortunately were told was Matthew Williamson and actually believed up until the following morning lol. I did think he looked a bit... young, but we did it anyway and quite a few people asked to have their picture taken with him after we did, so we just went with it. Still, he was the nicest person ever!

[Photo Credit: Within My Locket]

And thinking we'd gotten what we came for, it was off to Mulberry where the VOGUE team were interviewing revellers, not including myself. I am rubbish on camera so I avoided them with due care...

As fascinating as the cocktail-making process one, I did not have any of these. The one at Whistles was enough for me. The Chase Vodka looked pretty nice though, like a refreshing glass of lemonade...

And then it was over to Selfridges after unknowingly missing all the celebrities...

Note: Someone had the audacity to leave a used pizza plate near that Stella McCartney beauty smh. Some people have no respect for couture...

And then it was off to find McDonald's for din-din, and then get me on my train heading back to school. We managed to pick up a few goodies, which was comforting when we discovered just how much we actually missed. But hey, you win some, you lose some... we'll get 'em next year!

All in all, I had a pretty awesome night! I might not have gotten the photo ops I would've liked but at least I was there. Baby steps, non?

My Fashion Wows post on the FNO event is up, kiddies! Click here to check it out. But for now, it's good night! Talk to you guys again soon! xx


Me: Trench coat - Dorothy Perkins (similar here), Shirt - Topshop (similar here), Leggings - ZARA, Skater shoes - Vans, Jacket - Boohoo (similar here), Pumps - Wallis

Mo: Blazer - designed and made by my mother, Top - New Look (similar here), Jeans - Dorothy Perkins (similar here), Ballet flats - Evans (similar here)



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