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Polyvore: Halloween Excitement #1

Halloween Ideas #1

It's almost Halloween!

... and I don't have a costume [sad face].

I unfortunately left most of my clothes at home including my Gatsby-inspired costume, which is about seventy pounds away, and the 'rentals are far too busy to drive down and help a skint shopaholic out.

I did a traipse around the shops for a cheap costume I could throw together, but alas, nothing really tickled my fancy. I did say my Halloween was not going to be super-awesome, but I didn't think it would be this much of a sham, haha. I have stocked up on Haribos though... to eat happily in front of trick-or-treaters. I don't give sweets away. When it comes to sugar, sharing is not caring, sharing is unnecessary... unless I am on the receiving end. Then it is strongly encouraged.

Anyway, so I thought I'd give you guys a few last minute on-trend costume ideas courtesy of my Polyvore account. I find I'm always drawn to the ridiculously expensive designer clothes on there, but I tried to keep this one limited to the high street.

Honestly, looking at the price for the pinstripe Stella McCartney coat I've been lusting after since birth (slight exaggeration there), I'm thinking I might as well just start making my own clothes, y'know? You get exactly what you want at an affordable price, and the added sense of achievement in exchange for shopper's guilt! I think it might be time to whip out the sewing machine again, guys...

Anyway, enjoy the ode to Mila Kunis' lust-worthy outfit from Oz the Great & Powerful featuring a wardrobe staple: leather. Hope you guys are having an awesome start to the week! xx


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