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Style Icon: Lupita Nyong'o


Imagine how shocked I was to hear last year that 'Ayira' from MTV Base Africa's Shuga had landed her catapult-to-stardom role in Steve McQueen's latest masterpiece alongside Brad Pitt! I don't know who her manager is, but he or she deserves an award for pulling that off, no joke.

Lupita was my absolute favourite on Shuga even though I only watched the first season. Her ebony-black skin and lack of hair (real or otherwise enhanced) was such a contrast to the majority of brown-skinned celebrities I saw on TV, and if there's one thing I love it's being unconventional. Let me just warn you, this is going to be such a fan-girl post because she's Kenyan (OK, and Mexican), and I am unbelievably partial to peeps from the motherland who started from the bottom and now they're here (hey, Charlize!)... not that I'm saying Africa is "the bottom" or anything. Like, y'all know I love my continent for days...

OK, I'm just gonna diagnose myself with foot-in-mouth disease now and move on.

Her red carpet appearances have truly been inspiring, stealing the fashion spotlight at this year's TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Her stylist, Micaela Erlanger (a name I shall never forget now; talent like this cannot be ignored) also deserves an award. Or at the very least, the world' biggest Christmas bonus because thanks to her, Lupita is the actress to dress right now. I can easily see her being the new face of Prada. I mean, they would be stupid not to offer her some kind of deal if they haven't already with the way she's been rocking their hottest pieces on the red carpet with every eye deservedly focused on her, from one successful outfit to another.

I just love how she plays around with colour that's made even more striking against her ebony skin. She also seals her look with statement shoes and accessories in colours and prints usually inspired by the detailing on her clothes, either to match or to compliment. Being a baldie also gives more room to experiment with her make-up: bright lips, smoky eyes and the perfect foundation every single time.

Her every look screams urban elegance!

And can I just say that my wardrobe will never feel complete ever without that boxy, yellow Honor jumper from her portrait for 12 Years A Slave at TIFF? Ever.

Oh, and my birthday's in January so somebody better be taking notes lol.

Lessons Learnt:

Colour, colour and more colour!

Make your accessories fun and modern.

Sometimes the key is in the details: kick your look up a notch with fun texture and patterns

Your make-up should be bold and glamorous, but not overdone.

Channeling Lupita on Polyvore:



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