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TEASER: Vogue Fashion's Night Out, Manchester [Updated]

[UPDATE: If you can't wait, you can get a not-so-sneaky preview by checking out my Instagram.]

As I type this post, my kettle's on, boiling water for my well-deserved mug of ho-cho (see: hot chocolate) after what has been one of the best nights of my life so far.

This is only as teaser-post as my pictures have been shared across about five devices, one of which belongs to the nicest photographer ever who I met in Karen Millen on King Street and who took a picture of yours truly featuring one of the editors from a certain magazine whose name happens to be in the title of this post (hint-hint).

Like I said, one of the best nights of my life.

When I first read that FNO was happening in Manchester this year in a random e-newsletter (I've signed up to sooo many that I can barely keep track), I thought: 'Finally, something proper happening up north!' It's about time the British fashion industry got serious about spreading its focus from the capital; London's crowded enough anyway... doesn't mean I won't live there some day though, haha.

Anyway, as excited as I was, I didn't think I would go cos, y'know, I'm in uni now, I've got "higher priorities" and whatnot. But when a friend came through with a special invite to Whistles' FNO event on Facebook, well, how could I say no?

I literally accepted the invite as soon as I saw it and then the following night (being a couple hours ago), I found myself on a train to Manchester doing an insanely intense outfit change and some surprising (for me, anyway) hair-and-make-up magic on the train to the other passengers' amusement. In my defense, I was literally fresh from a lecture on ethics in engineering and had just done a fifteen-minute run all the way to the station (my workout for the year).

I feel a bit like Hannah Montana meets Cinderella.

I donned my costume and headed out to one of fashion's biggest nights of the year, rubbed shoulders with some of the industry's finest (and poshest -- including a Spencer-from-Made-in-Chelsea lookalike lol), and then the clock struck twelve and I was back in my PJs in my room, make-up wiped off, hair undone; my flatmates, clueless as to where I'd just spent the past few hours.

Best decision I ever made.

And even though I've got a 9am lecture tomorrow morning, this was so worth the limited sleep hours!

I had a major fan-girl moment with a "special" young man, a proper cocktail (there was no mocking that foul taste of alcohol but the peach slice was a nice touch), a run-in with a gorgeous fashion blogger from Salford, and spent a few minutes being an absolute camera whore in Karen Millen (I better get spotted by Storm soon; they're missing out on quality modelling).

What more could a girl ask for?

Sadly, I didn't attend any talks as we were running a bit late thanks to my train being delayed. But, to be honest, I still got exactly what I wanted out of the trip. All I wanted to do was take in as much of the night in as possible, which meant floating from location to location, meeting people and just being a young, carefree woman sans commitments for a night, one glorious night that has restored my faith in fashion and everything that comes with it, and then share my experience with you.

I could totally see myself living the hectic life of a fashion designer or a magazine editor or a creative director or something. And hopefully, this blog will get me there one day. And if not, well, ambition and the right opportunities just might lol.

That's all for now though! Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for the main post about Fashion's Night Out in Manchester this weekend; most efficiently done by following me using any of the social media buttons on the left that you please.

Anyway, the water's all done boiling now, so it's time for me to leave you. Good night, folks!


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