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Update: Photographer Wanted X Layout Changes

I am in desperate need of a photographer.

I haven't been to my uni's Photography Society (PhotoSoc) yet to surreptitiously search for possibles candidates because a) I have no idea where to find them and b) I am too lazy to go all the way to the Student Union to find out.

I mean, I sort of stumbled across someone the other day (could my luck be changing?), and I got him to show me his work without letting him know that he was actually being "interviewed", so to speak (the MI5 need to hire quick; my stealth skills are unrivalled). But whilst I haven't popped the question yet (oo-er), I'm not sure I will because I already knew I was going to be a huge pile of awkward in front of the camera at first (because camera whores can be shy too), but now it's going to be even more awkward now because we only just met two weeks ago.

I suppose I'll just have to wait it out... but seriously, how long does it take to get comfortable being photographed by someone? Anyway, I'll just chill for now and keep looking out for others; y'know, just in case he has no interest in delving into fashion photography at all. In the mean time, I will continue to update my Fashion pages with my style icons and wishlists, maybe a few 'trendictions' (trend predictions, coined it myself #GeniusChild) and some well-deserved shoe-porn.

In other news, I changed my blog layout (again). I gave the old one the one month I promised it, and now it's undergone cosmetic surgery (again) and hopefully looks a lot better with a lot less going on. I'm thinking of introducing a slideshow sometime in the future. I've got the HTML sorted, I just need to decide what photos to put up...

This is just me thinking aloud here. It might never happen, but at least now I can keep record of some of the random ideas I've had and never chased up.

Like moving to Dubai for a year to find a gorgeous man with a Ferrari... Actually no. No, that's still on the table #Golddigger

Anyway, hope you guys are well! xx



  1. Great new layout. It can be tough finding the right photographer to work with, but totally worth it when you do. All the best with your prospect.


    1. It totally is worth it! Thank you, Liz :)

      - Karina


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