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Dream Big Or Go Home

I say to you today, my friends, though, even though
I face the difficulties of today and tomorrow,
I still have a dream.

It is a dream pretty much rooted in the American dream.
I have a dream that one day I will rise up,
Live out the true meaning of my creed:

"I hold this truth to be self-evident,
My dreams will one day be my reality."

OK so I may have completely butchered Reverend Martin Luther King Junior's iconic speech at the march on Washington, but sometimes it's nice to take something old and give it a new twist to appreciate it even more.

I got the inspiration for this post from the recently colourised photographs of different moments or figures from our short time on planet Earth, photographs that literally give me goosebumps every time I see them.

Obviously I don't think this blog is going to help at all in my quest for world domination because right now, I am just another blogger in a plethora of bloggers, some of which really should not be allowed to exist if I may be so bold, making it that much harder for anyone else to sufficiently use their blog to get their fifteen minutes of fame, not that I have any interest in just fifteen minutes or today's rather dumbed-down definition of fame (hello, reality TV), until of course, people will move on from the blogging craze to some other form of social media... But it's always nice to keep records of the going-ons in one's life, is it not?

It's also nice to have some kind of focus, but my dreams range from music and filmography to computing and robotics so I'm either at a bit of a loss... or at a massive advantage. I haven't decided if I'm delving into optimism now or sticking with my 'realist' guns. I do know that I want to be somebody important, somebody who matters, somebody who's gonna give a young girl a century from now goosebumps when she sees a picture of me... ooh, or a holograph!

So whilst I figure out what I'm going to with my life, here are some of the touched up photos giving me life this week. I was only going to put up three, but then I got a bit over-excited. You can view the rest of the stunning album on Imgur here.

Albert Einstein, Nassau Point, Long Island, New York, 1939
Albert Einstein, Nassau Point, Long Island, New York, 1939 [Source]
Nicola Tesla at 38, 1894 [Source]
Audrey Hepburn, circa 1950 [Source]
Charlie Chaplin at 27, 1916 [Source]
Hindenburg Disaster of May 6, 1937 [Source]
View from Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee, 1864 [Source]
Elizabeth Taylor (Giant), 1956 [Source]
Mark Twain, circa 1900 [Source]
Japanese archers, circa 1860 [Source]


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