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Music Throwback: SZA's 'Crack Dreams'

I have come with yet another gimmick, people.

The Music Throwback series will basically me showing you relatively old music I still enjoy because I feel it would be stingy of me to keep the pieces of "dated" audio-gold I've come across and loved (or at the very least felt something for) away from you. Mind you, I'm going to keep the posts relatively brief with just a few lines about the artiste, where/when I came across the track and such. Nothing fancy.

Our first trip down memory lane comes courtesy of the beautiful and mega-talented Ivy-League-grad-turned-bartender-turned-singer Missouri native, Solana Rowe who goes by the stage name SZA and who recently signed on to Top Dawg Entertainment who've also got the boys from Black Hippy on their list of talents. Although this first official Throwback track isn't really a massive throwback compared to most of the others I've planned, as I make up the rules, I say it counts so here we have it.

I chose 'Crack Dreams' which was produced by Brandun Deshay from her first EP titled See.SZA.Run (which you can listen to on SoundCloud here) because it was the first song I'd ever heard from the artiste and it totally bumped her up to my list of favourites and she has yet to disappoint. In an interview with Chris Kelly from FACT Magazine, SZA stated that she has a 'one-take approach' to studio sessions which is risky but ultimately admirable; her music definitely feels raw in a the best way. I eagerly await the first SZA X Frank Ocean collaboration (hint-hint, SZA, make it happen).

Happy listening! Check out the video below or click here to listen to it on SZA's SoundCloud page.


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