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NEW MUSIC: Beyonce - God Makes You Beautiful


I have an on-off relationship with Beyonce very much unlike the one I have with Rihanna. I used to be a massive fan, then a few years ago, she just got a bit... weird? Conceited? A little too commercial?

She just started feeling more like a "brand"/"commodity" than an actual person. Hell, even Blue Ivy felt like a stunt which is a sad thing for me to say because I usually get really excited when celebrities have kids. You should've seen my face when I heard about India Rose Hemsworth? I feel so sorry for the other girls at her school when puberty comes a-knocking; that girl is gonna be a stunner!

Anyway at that point I was a lot closer to the fence regarding my feelings for Beyonce. She was a mum, something I assume she's wanted to be for a while (I didn't watch her documentary thingy so I don't really know her story) and it was super adorable. Then she went ahead to release Bow Down B---hes which flipped the switch on our relationship back to 'off' and it's plateaued there ever since.

I mean, really, Bey, really?

This doesn't mean I don't think she's incredibly talented. But I used to look up to her when I was kid. When my friends and I were in primary school and we started our band(s) (we broke up multiple times due to creative differences and kept changing our name when we got back together), I was always the Beyonce of the group even though I couldn't sing to save my life and had chronic stage fright. My stagename was Brianna (among others that started with 'B'; I was so indecisive). Yes, yes, it was that serious yo, and that's why I'm bashing on her like this. It just feels like such a fall from grace. But this is just a personal opinion.

Or should I say, it was. This song, God Makes You Beautiful has definitely shifted things a little bit in Bey's favour. It's soulful, uplifting and just plain beautiful, and I finally got my hands on the full-length version for you guys! Yay! Check it out below or click here to be redirected to the YouTube website.

Happy listening!


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