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NEW MUSIC: Busta Rhymes X Kanye West X Lil' Wayne X Q-Tip - Thank You


A quick post for a song that was released about five days ago.

Thank You was produced by Q-Tip and features a sample of Alicia Myers' I Want To Thank You. The track is fresh off Busta's Extinction Level Event II: Final Front World LP due next year, which is already creating a bit of a buzz in the industry following the success of the critically acclaimed Extinction Level Event I released all the way back in 1998 when yours truly was getting acquainted with her barely-a-year-old baby brother, who would quite pathetically end up becoming her best friend alongside her sister.

Thank You's got such a nice flow to it, from Alicia's beautiful mellow crooning to the talented Busta and Q-Tip each giving us some fast-paced bars with a few ad-libs from Lil' Wayne and Kanye. Not nearly enough from the two, but I guess I'm in no position to complain.

It was reported that Kanye, Tip and Busta met up in New York City over the summer to shoot the video for this so I suspect we'll be seeing that pretty soon too. But for now, enjoy the audio below.

Happy listening!


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