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NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown X Busta Rhymes - Sweet Caroline


Joining the list of songs by/featuring Breezy that start with 'sweet', Chris Brown released this jam from his new six-track mixtape, X Files on SoundCloud not up to a day ago featuring Busta Rhymes.

Words cannot express how much I love this song, guys! I was a little bit disappointed because I finally caught that episode of the Big Bang Theory where (**SPOILER ALERT**) Amy and Howard sing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline in the car on E4 last night so when I saw this, I was expecting it to be an R'n'B cover of some kind.

I'm not going to tell you guys outright where I stand with Chris, but for the curious ones among you, here's a "hint": he's gorgeous, his voice is intoxicating, he's a fantastic dancer, he's apologized for the Rihanna thing and he's making efforts to change. I won't say any more than that... because I've basically said everything already.

I'm loving the instrumental for this but I can't find out who produced it; Google is no help. Please hit me up in the comments section if you know or figure it out.

Sweet Caroline sounds like a story of Chris' self-destructive love for one young Caroline, a "lethal love affair" according to MTV; a statement that sums it up perfectly. Busta Rhymes was on point as per usual. Wouldn't it be amazing if he actually spoke that quickly all day everyday? I tried once and I nearly bit my tongue off smh.

The whole mixtape seems to be a haven for the loved-up couples and the oh-my-days-how-depressing-do-they-get-once-Valentine's-day-rolls-around people, with guest appearances from Kid Ink, Ludacris and now Busta Rhymes, and whilst I am usually averse to all of love's frivolities, I cannot deny the X Files' appeal. Many a pun I came up with, cross-referencing the mixtape and the original X Files but instead of dishing them all out, I will instead revisit my old friends, Scully and Mulder now for some late night alien fun. I mean, Fringe is awesome and all, but sometimes it's nice to see the classics.

And on that note, I shall leave you to listen to the latest X File and investigate the case for yourself. If the embedded version doesn't work, click here to be redirected to SoundCloud.

Happy listening!


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