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NEW MUSIC: Dr SID X Don Jazzy - Surulere


So Dr SID has released the single from his sophomore album, Siduction. I haven't decided if I find its title amusing or cringe-worthy yet, but I have decided that this jam (however riddled with autotune it is) is actually quite catchy, and now I want to learn how to speak Yoruba more than ever.

Especially considering it's nearly Christmas which means dinners and family events, with people speaking Yoruba over my head, whilst I surreptitiously make 'kill me now' gestures to the siblings/cousins/peeps who share my lingual plight.

Don Jazzy is a man with many talents, a man I respect whole-heartedly. I do not know when or why he followed me on Twitter, but when I spotted that 'Follows You' tag on his page during one of my Twitter stalking feats, I was shocked (OK, not really; he obviously knows unbridled awesomeness when he sees it) and pretty damn chuffed. And before anyone tries to burst my bubble, yes, I do know he follows quite a lot of his followers (that is how to be a celebrity; showing gratitude to the people who got you where you were) but it still doesn't detract from the fact that I am quite proud of this feat even if my Mentions seem to have no record of it smh.

The two Mavin Records artistes definitely did their thang on this track, as if anyone expected anything less. I still call them Mo Hits for some reason because that's what I expect and that's what I get (nearly) every single time: more hits.

Surulere, which means 'patience is rewarding', is a testament to Dr SID's critically acclaimed music career and the hard work he put in to get where he's at today. It's always refreshing to hear some mainstream Nigerian music with a message. And Dr SID has quite the story as well! I've only ever seen him once, but I couldn't bring myself to ask him any questions unlike my embarrassingly chatty mother, not to talk of questions that would've been rather relevant to this song. But there you have it. One missed opportunity is another anecdote from my never-ending list. I am a dinner party legend.

You can listen to the song below or click here to be redirected to YouTube. I really hope this embedded music player thing works; I think it did the last time. Here's hoping!

Happy listening!


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