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NEW MUSIC: Rooftop Clan - Super Hero Lomo


No, I did not decide to listen to this song just because it had 'Super Hero' in it.

Although I have been feeling uber nerdy lately. Yesterday was my school's Welcome dinner which was basically a beautiful dining hall filled with electrical engineers of all forms eating delicious fancy food with truly spark(l)ing conversation (ahaha) from micro air vehicles to the Lord of the Rings, from the situation with sustainable energy to some rather hilarious Marvel debates which carried over to this afternoon (Iron Man trumps all. Always). A night very well spent in my books.

Moving on.

In September, Sokleva and Snatcha from Rooftop MCs tweeted that they were starting the rap collective, Rooftop Clan with the talented Protek(niks). This single is the first to be released from their first album together, Kings & Priests. This track was produced by Okey Sokay, a name I never tire to say and he definitely delivered on this one. The lyrics were refined

Following my last post about a Nigerian song with a message, this one has its own little piece of gold for its listeners to take away, praising the perseverance of our everyday super-heroes: the common (wo)men who just keep on keeping on regardless of who or what gets in their way, something I cannot say I do very often but I'm getting there... and this track will totally be featuring on the soundtrack for my future biopic.

Take notes, Tarantino.

Super hero lomo!


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