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NEW MUSIC: The Weeknd - Devil May Cry


Whilst I haven't decided if I'm a Hunger Games 'fan-girl' yet, I do know there's no denying the second installment has some seriously killer tunes under its wing. The latest release comes from Canada and Ethiopia's crazy-haired Abel Tesfaye, also known as the Weeknd. This is the second song with Abel's vocals on it from the Catching Fire OST, the first being a guest appearance on Sia's Elastic Heart alongside Diplo released in the summer.

In a Twitter Q&A with fans, this is what the artiste had to say about the creative process for Devil May Cry, produced by the super bad-ass Rick Rubin of Def Jam fame (the beard, guys, the beard!).

Couldn't have said it any better myself! Check it out below, or click here to be redirected to the SoundCloud website.

Happy listening!


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