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NEW VIDEO: A$AP Rocky - Phoenix


I originally was not going to post this because when I first heard it, I couldn't find a video that would let people outside the U.S. view it. So, assuming the rest of us would only get to see it three billion years later, after it's been well and truly forgotten, I simply let it alone...until just now.

The original intent was to slice and dice this video to within an inch of its life with no remorse, because they made it restricted in the first place, and because I'm just petty like that.

Unfortunately, my uneducated eyes couldn't find much fault with it so at this point, I have to result to giving A$AP Rocky a massive eye roll and a "whatever, dude. Your grills look tack anyway."

Phoenix was directed by Francesco Carrozzini, and stars this month's Style Icon, Joan Smalls as well as the incredible Michael K. Williams (Omar and/or Chalky to the couch potatoes among us). Every review I watched said the visuals were just as "dark" and "moody" as one would have expected, and they were not wrong.

While some scenes at that beginning felt like they were lacking that extra bit of emotion ("once more, with feeling" were the exact words I was thinking), I think they definitely made up for it at the end. And the shots were beautiful. I'm currently checking out Francesco's and the director of photography, David Myrick's portfolios on their websites. What I would give to watch these people in action! Honestly, I find photographers fascinating. Life is most beautiful when looked at through a lens, I say...

You can check out the video below or click here to be redirected to YouTube.

Happy viewing!


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