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NEW VIDEO: Dammy Krane - Lobatan


I'm late with this, I know, let's just move on.

I know a lot of people who don't like Dammy Krane, but I am definitely #TeamKrane. He's electric, and his energy is so infectious; and you can definitely see it in the visuals for the track. I've been waiting for this for months, so I was pretty surprised to hear it had only been filmed last month in London at the Afro Beats festival.

Honestly, why does everything happen in London? The GTCrea8 concert this Friday would have been free for me and my student card-wielding self, and y'all know I love me some freebies. However, it is hours away and whilst I love me some DRB, Lola and Wande, I am not missing lectures for that. Honestly, the moment Nigerians realize that they are being so stereotypical, hosting everything I want to go to in London, the better life will be. Branch out, guys. It won't hurt, y'know and it'll probably cost them less anyway... as well as me.

The North is cool too, y'know.

So get with the programme.

Anyway, the video features cameos from Cuppy and DJ Abrantee, but it's the talented dancers who are the stars of this video. Personally, these ladies are only contributing to the anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's effect on my sad life this season: shame. I mean, I'm cool with not having a single curve on my body (I am literally a walking talking metre [and three-quarters] rule with arms and legs here, guys), but then the VS Angels and videos like this only serve to remind me that single life will be that much tougher to leave with these kinda girls walking the earth [sniff-sniff].

But I have digressed far too much so I'll just leave you here. Enjoy the video below directed by the team at Planet Bel, or click here to be redirected to YouTube.


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