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NEW VIDEO: Drake - Worst Behaviour


I have branded myself as "last carrier" [for those who don't know, this is Nigerian slang for people who are always the last to know anything and everything]. This video's been out for over five days and it just flew right over my head! I did do a teaser post a week or so ago about it so I do feel a little less bad about being a 'last carrier.' But it does make me wonder what is going to become of my music blogging when I start second year and have even more work to do...

But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now, let's get on with Drake's worst behaviour.

First and foremost, we must address the awesomeness that is Drake's father, Mr Dennis Graham's moustache. I know it's been his signature look for ages but since it is still Movember, it makes me even happier to see it! The guys at my school keep shaving their facial hair smh. I did come cross a man with a proper handlebar moustache at the mall once though. It took all my energy to stop myself from asking him to take a picture with me. That is how cool it was!

But let's get back to the matter ("open and close" had to be done). The blush pink cars were... interesting. The cars themselves coupled with the bright over-sized suits did give the guys this oddly lust-worthy '70s pimp vibe. I so would not mind dressing like this everyday. It's times like this that I wish someone would get around to making a time machine already.

Anyway, I don't want to give too much away but it was really nice to see Drake in the ghetto. I don't know what it is, but he's just got this undeniable whip appeal, so to speak. A friend of mine once summed up her feelings for Drake in this one phrase: "all day, any day." Interpret it as you wish.

There's been a lot of hate in the comments section for this video, because Drake has said that he actually grew up in the 'nicer parts' of his town which makes people think he's being a poser in this. To those people, I say, "let it go, homies. He was an actor once, wasn't he?"

Plus, Memphis is Dennis' hometown and as you can see, Dennis clearly played a pretty big role in this project so it is quite fitting. And besides, how do you know he didn't spend a lot of his time in the ghetto anyway? You weren't there, chilling with him all day, everyday when he was growing up. Or were you? Because if you were, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life because now he's an extremely talented multimillionaire and you're a YouTube troll so... yeah.

Anyway, there were quite a few cameos in this one (I see you, Juicy) and overall it was very well done. The visuals were of course, directed by Julien Lutz/Director X who is just unbelievably talented. Seriously, check out some of the other videos he's done; the man's an artistic beast!

All in all, I really liked this, guys. Having occasionally wondered what my life would be like as an American, I think it's always nice when stars do music videos in their 'hoods (or in this case, their father's hood).

Check out the Worst Behaviour video below or click here to be redirected to YouTube.



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