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NEW VIDEO: Jhene Aiko X Childish Gambino - Bed Peace


I am quite late with this but I don't care, it's so worth it.

Jhene Aiko and Donald Glover's Bed Peace borrowed its theme and title from Yoko Ono and John Lennon's bed-in protest back in 1969 which for all intents and purposes was supposed to end war by promoting peace. The better part of the video sees Jhene and Donald (aka Childish Gambino, a man with a special place in my heart) sat on a bed dressed in white surrounded by flowers, a beautiful reenactment of the scenes from Ono and Lennon's iconic film of the same name.

Whilst the general message is the same, Jhene and Donald's take on the movement aims more at promoting inner peace, which is just as important as world peace, if not more. I would've preferred it if there wasn't another strong message promoting illegal drug use. But since this is a stereotypically 'hippie' theme, I won't hold it against them.

The Bed Peace video was directed rather tastefully by Danny Williams, and the chemistry between Jhene and Donald is undeniable. In an interview with BET, Donald mentioned why he finds the singer "so special". Seriously they need to get together so I can start openly shipping Aikino/Aikover.

You can watch it and the original Bed Peace film below, or click here (Aiko/Gambino) and here (Ono/Lennon) to watch them on YouTube.

I do not advise watching this video right after you've watched The Day The Earth Stood Still. I can almost guarantee you will feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for some reason, and an incredible urge to do something, anything to give your life a renewed sense of purpose.

At least that's how I feel right now.

I shall leave you with a few wise words from Yoko to mull over this week (and a cheeky line right at the bottom):

If we want it to.'

On a more light-hearted note, let's play a game of 'spot the music blog that refers to Childish Gambino as 'Mr Daniel Glover."' It really is quite a funny read!


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