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NEW VIDEO: Naeto C - Finish Work


It's a funny day when you have to learn about a new video because it's trending on Twitter.

Finally, Nigerian rap sensation, Naeto C has released the visuals to the Emmanuel Kelechi Nwosu (E. Kelly) produced banger, Finish Work. This song is so upbeat without being too over-the-top; it's been one of my go-to tracks when I want to get pumped up for a lecture at the ungodly hour of 9am, just so I don't go postal on my classmates and hang whoever designed my timetable by the thumbs in the foyer. Not that I've ever thought about doing such...

This video turned out exactly how I imagined it which wasn't necessarily a good thing for the first couple of minutes; it just felt like another one of the same thing. Then it got awesome during the second half. The bit with the mirrors in that weird little alcove-type thing was pretty cool. The visuals were directed by Clarence Peters, a total boss. He's been dominating his field in Nigeria since he first sat in the director's chair. The video matched Naeto's laid-back-yet-classy, Abuja-esque style. The clothes on the "video vixens" were absolutely stunning! I need to know who designed them! The monochromatic white, the sheer panelling, the big hair... it was all done to perfection.

Overall, I'd give this video a seven out of ten, and considering we're going by IMDb standards, you should know that a seven is pretty high. On a random sidenote: I wonder if there are any movies rated ten out of ten on IMDb...

Challenge accepted.

Back to the video, I do have one question before I wrap this up: why did the cameraman have to stall so we could appreciate the tattoo on that woman's thigh? I couldn't read what it said so I feel I might be missing something. What did it symbolize? I'm terrible with metaphors. Whilst I use them endlessly, unless they're related to pop culture, they fly right over my head when other people do it. Ironically, I do quite like literature. But not poetry; that just does not make sense, no matter which way you slice it.

But I'm digressing.

Please if anyone knows what the tattoo bit signified, do let me know. I refuse to believe it was just for the purpose of showing some skin. That's just tacky.

Anyway, y'all know the drill: check the video out below or click here to be redirected to YouTube. Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments section. As usual, happy viewing!


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