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Setting The Scene: Brad MC


Quite recently, and by the purest of luck, I stumbled across up-and-coming rapper, Brad MC on Twitter (@ItsBradMC). Aside from the fact that he has 'MC' in his name (takes me back to those MC Hammer/MC Lyte days), twenty-three-year-old Brad McEwan is TCD-certified cool because he hails all the way from Brooklyn, New York, the hometown of my soul; and he is currently in university studying to become an accountant alongside his music career.

Brad was nice enough to appease the Curious George in me by answering a few of my questions regarding his latest release, Pretty Girl Price Tag off his forthcoming mixtape, so check out the Q&A session below to get to know Brad MC and see me put my Greil Marcus on (ha, as if).


You said Pretty Girl Price Tag "depicted the struggles of being a pretty girl." Do you think the music and fashion industries are aware of (and maybe even contribute to) the struggles of the Pretty Girl?

Brad: I definitely believe that the music and fashion industries play a role in contributing to the struggles of the Pretty Girl. I think it becomes somewhat of a domino effect when the fashion industry dictates what's the new hot trend for us to wear. That industry usually throws a high price tag on these trends and once they do that, the music industry then picks up these high fashion and markets it to people who are struggling but feel they have something to prove.

With this song, are you outright condemning luxury goods, or is the message to spend within reason?

Brad: I think everyone is entitled to have some luxury goods. I don't think there's anything wrong to like the finer things in life so my message is definitely not to completely stop buying luxury items. The problem is people tend to spend beyond their means, trying to impress others buying these items that they can't afford. It's like you put it, the message is to spend within reason.

Whilst you focused on the relationship between a pretty girl's insecurities and her spending habits, Semhar Tadesse talked about the irony of being a pretty girl. Do you think pretty girls are generally only valued by others for their looks? Was that a perspective you were hoping to change with this song?

Brad: Semhar Tadesse did a great job with her beautiful poetry reflecting on the irony of being pretty. I agree with her perspective and all I really was trying to do is apply some of what she said in a sort of different angle. I wasn't trying to change her perspective but rather add to it. As far as a "pretty girl" generally being only valued for her looks, I'd disagree with that. I think women in general have came a long way from just being pretty faces. I just believe there's still more work to be done.

Why did you choose AWOLNATION's Sail as your instrumental of choice for this track?

Brad: AWOLNATION's Sail record was just awesome! I was in love with the song and never heard anyone really remix it. I came across this producer, Montana Morris who sped the instrumental up for me a little and sort of recreated it in a way that made me just fall in love with the song even more. Originally I didn't even had this track in my mind (Pretty Girl Price Tag). That just came about as I was listening to the beat in my kitchen snacking on some cereal lol.

How would you describe your creative process for making music? Do you freestyle then edit, do you carefully put the track together piece by piece or do you have your own system?

Brad: For each song it's different. Pretty Girl, it took only about two hours to write from when the idea popped in my head. Other songs, it can sometimes take me a week or three to get the the track right. I usually just voice record on my iPhone to see how the songs would sound raw and unedited, and I'm very honest with my self so I know when I make some whack sh-t. If it pans out good, then I hit the studio and record.

When and why did you decide to start making music professionally as a member of Fresh Unlimited?

Brad: I was originally never a rapper. I was just doing it for fun. It was my bro, Claccz who had a passion for music so I just sort of went along with it to be down. We did the whole group thing and after a while I started thinking, I'm kinda good at this and can only get better. From then on, I decided to branch out and create my own sound.

Your mixtape, Out the Cubicle is set to drop soon. Where did its name stem from? Describe the mixtape in three words.

Brad: Lol, that name came from exactly what it says. Besides rap, I currently work a 9-5 to fund my music and I'm also about to graduated with an Accounting degree which I need for my job. Accounting is the most boring sh-t ever and I really only chose it because I'm good with numbers. I just wanted to make something that's real to me, hence Out the Cubicle. The title is basically just saying, "f--k that job" lol. Three words to describe it would be relatable, awesome and just dope!

What's next for Brad MC, the artiste?

Brad: Out the Cubicle will be dropping on December 1st, 2013. I'm shooting the first video for the first single off the 'tape, Swimming With No Fear, which will drop the same day as the mixtape. Other than that I will just be shooting videos and doing performances, and just continue to build my buzz up. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Brad: In five years, I'd expect myself to be touring off an album. By then I think my label, Above Stagnant Music will be fully functional. Hopefully, I keep my self relevant enough to earn another one of these interviews lol.


So there you have it, guys: Brad MC, a rapper who's clearly got a good head on his shoulders, and more importantly, an advocate for us awesome people who gain inspiration over a bowl of cereal. Check out his sounds on SoundCloud and show some support by following him on Twitter and liking his Facebook page. I think we can expect great things from this guy and so you better get with it now lol.

Happy listening!

NOTE: This post was completely non-sponsored. Mine and Brad MC's views are each our own and completely unbiased.


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