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NEW MUSIC: Dr SID X Don Jazzy X Wizkid X Phyno - Surulere [Remix]


I posted about the original Surulere last month and, with glad tidings, Dr SID dropped this new remix and his sophomore album for us yesterday as an early Christmas present. This is how to wish your fans a Merry Christmas, not with a rather tacky Christmas card... Iyanya. I think it's safe to say that Mr Le Kwa Ukwu is back in my bad books after that self-promoting fail. Although I guess it's the thought that counts...

Anyway my boo of life, Wizkid kicked off the remix in his usual 'Star Boy' fashion (I hate that name 'Star Boy' but it what it is [sigh]). He brought his vibrant Afro-Pop energy with him which is always welcome here. I do think the harmonizing sounded a bit a competitive between him and Don Jazzy though. It was like listening to a diva-off, haha.

Phyno, a new name on the blog, came in after the hook with some Igbo-tic lyricism that I can't even begin to understand even though there were a ton of Igbo people in the part of the South I lived in back in Nigeria (yes, I'm a Southerner through and through... OK, that's not true 'cause mio padre aka Papa Chaos is Yoruba and we're also Glaswegian but y'know, whatever). From the public's reactions so far, he seems to have killed it though. It sounds like he has, I suppose. It can't be easy rhyming in Igbo. Yoruba is basically Nigerian beat-boxing with all the mo-mo, gbo-gbo and so on. So I think I sway with the crowd on this Phyno topic... although that 'Rolex... quality time' line was so cringe-worthy. I mean, really, bae? Really?

Anyway, Dr SID's bit was from the original track. Do I wish he made a bit more of an effort by giving us a whole new verse? Absolutely! I subscribe to the Barney Stinson rule that 'new is always better'. However, fortunately for Dr SID, it was my favourite bit from the original Surulere so I'm letting him off the hook just a little.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and let you guys check out the track below via SoundCloud. You can also download it here via NJO. Happy listening!


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