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NEW MUSIC: DRB Las Gidi X Bez - Cut Corners


I know exactly what you're all thinking... 'Where on earth have you been, Karina?'

Well, you know who else has been thinking that?

The guys from DRB. That is obviously why they decided to release this jazzy Afrobeats banger, to bring me out of my unannounced deternetox (see: internet detox) prematurely. All of you Some of you might agree to disagree with me, but it is true; they so totally had yours truly in mind when they decided to bring this out.

Cut Corners is a sort-of new sound from the trio, almost picking up from where Take Control left off, and I am digging it. Produced by Purple Chapel, Cut Corners features the talented Bez Idakula whose vocals, whilst absolutely beautiful on a regular day, weren't particularly audible or given due justice over the mixing. Neither were Bolaji's to be perfectly honest. Regardless, I like this one. For those who might be a bit hesitant now, it definitely gets better the more times you listen to it.

Fresh L and Teezee were on point as per usual. I personally feel their rap game just keeps getting better. It just would've helped if the instrumentals weren't so overpowering so we could hear more of them. Also is it just me or did they cut the song off at the end a little too abruptly? You can't just leave us hanging, guys. Now I'm just going to have leave it on repeat every time I listen to it... which is actually genius. Kudos, boys.

You guys can check Cut Corners out below, or click here to be redirected to SoundCloud if the embedded version doesn't work. You can also download it here via NJO.

Happy listening!



  1. Nice song, check out @Team__STATIC, they are really good and they are performing at DRB

  2. Wow lovely song! DRB are really good


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